Thanks all, i appreciate


thanks all for your advice.


Couple of reasons spring to mind - you say you’re in the US, but that doesn’t match with your time zone.

You got a 3 star review, which probably won’t do you much good, and your article writing gig description is copied from a level 2 seller

Your email gig description was copied from here:

Your translation gig “I Will Definetly Translate Any Text To English, Spanish” has multiple spelling mistakes, including the word English.

Your profile description’s copied from here:

If you can sort these things out, and make your profile and gig descriptions unique, you’ll have more of a chance.

Sorry if this is harsh, but please stop copying other peoples’ work!


Is that the reasons?
But buyers usually contact me before


when I buy I look at these things. If I can’t trust who I’m ordering from not to copy other’s work, misrepresent their location, and other things, I’m not going to trust them with my order.

If they are contacting you and not buying, then perhaps they are hearing something that sends red flags and has them ordering from someone else.


They don’t contact me anymore


Why would they contact you if everything is so obviously not done by you?

University degree in International and European Law at the University of california-los anggeles - really?
Los Angeles isn’t even spelled correctly, and you supposedly went there?

Please, don’t treat the rest of us on Fiverr as fools - none of us appreciate it.

I’m not surprised - please see all of the above.


So, if i change everything will i be contacted.


It depends. You’re supposedly a writer and yet you didn’t capitalize “I” in that sentence nor did you put the correct punctuation (? instead of ,)
Are you marketing yourself or are you expecting people to just come to you?
Why would people choose you to write for them when there are others that have better reviews and a seemingly more competent style?

Correct your errors and then perhaps buyers will choose you again.


Thanks to you. I appreciate your advice.


Please is there any other errors ?


Hey Tinapey,

Do not loose your heart and efforts. keep hitting buyers through Buyers requests and also modified your gigs with clear message and services you can provide them in such a way that your gig can catch their attention.

Moreover, also try to make your customers happy buy giving them something unique that makes them Woww.


Thanks, i appreciate.


Really? :scream:


Shocker alert: Nothing has changed on her descriptions, location, certifications, or gigs either.


The sad thing is that everybody is trying not to be so direct, instead of calling her whole profile a FAKE (see? I’m direct)… but she doesn’t even get it…
At that point it becomes helpless…




One thing is true, though:
If you don’t change anything you will be contacted!!! :smiley:

Note: by Customer Support