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Thanks FIverr.. Appreciate The Demotion

Well, despite all my metrics being in the Green and my regular outstanding service to my customers and all the 5-stars I get, Fiverr has seen fit to demote me back to level 2.

Great… There goes my weekly withdrawal benefit… Like I was getting anything else out of it! Thank god I have regular customers who know my worth! And, I’ve got a full-time job outside of here.

How do I get it back in three months?

  • Favor quality over quantity: Quality work and delivery are the cornerstones of your business’ reputation and success.
  • Manage your workflow: Limit orders in queue and accept custom orders only if you are sure to deliver high-quality work.
  • Set the right expectations: Make sure you can deliver work within the timeframes and prices you defined in your Gig’s description.

I already do this!


That sucks… sorry to hear this. We’ve been pushed up to TRS today for the first time. I only mention this because we genuinely have no clue as to whether it’s something we’ll be able to hold on to or not, or whether it will be of any great benefit to us. You hear so many stories much like your’s.

Did anyone communicate with you as to why you got demoted? The ‘requirements’ for holding on to TRS seem super vague in comparison to Levels 1 and 2.

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I won’t bother… I’ll just get a cut and paste answer as to why. If I’m already doing what they want me to do, then it’s obvious to me, they want fresh meat involved here.

I would bother. :wink: Once I’ve got demoted with all requirements on green, so I wrote them quite an angry message. They didn’t really apologize or anything, but it was a bug, so they returned my level. :wink:

That could be it. Or someone read your forum posts, and that you’ll spend less time on Fiverr due to the new job (and that you won’t have to spend so much time on Fiverr, and that it’s a relief)?

EDIT: Or perhaps it’s a bug, as it was with @matevzs1?


Just because I spend less time on Fiverr does not make me unable to provide outstanding customer service to my clients with on-time delivery.

I guess I can check but I don’t remain hopeful!

Remember, it’s all now manual for TRS requirements demotion too not just promotion.

I agree, and I’m just guessing, anyway. :slight_smile:


was there an actual reason for this ?

Just that copy and paste email crap they sent TRS’s a week ago… And yes, the badge is gone. AND, I STILL don’t see my gigs anywhere in the search.

i’m curious if this could be related to your earnings … perhaps they considered that you didn’t earn enough in the last year or something ? Could that be it ? I haven’t received a message yet … waiting for mine

Did you lose yours as well?

Also, I earned more this last year than in years’ past. And, I’m on track of making more than that this year.

No,not at the moment . I haven’t received a message regarding this until now , I usually get it on the 16th each month… we’ll see…

I would be surprised if I loose it though but I don’t know , it can happen

I saw that the evaluation went through yesterday and my next evaluation would be August, but then I get an email saying the manual evaluation felt I wasn’t good enough.

I sent them an email… When they clicked on the reason for why I was demoted - it came up that I had warnings within the last 30 days. I’m wondering if this is due to a repeat editing client who wanted to send me something PHYSICAL for all my help. He wanted to give me one of their espresso machines for all my hard work. I told him I doubted Fiverr would allow me to do such a thing… and I was right. If those metrics are a representation of my account, then that metric would be wrong.

did you received an email about a warning though ?

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Didn’t you get an actual warning, with a message about it? The way you describe it, it looks like some secret warning that only CS knew about.


Nope… Never AND, the metric is still green on my analytics page.

Nope… no message from Fiverr… Buyer shared all his information with me - email and everything and I told him I would not provide him anything personal. He reached out to Fiverr CS, hoping he could send me this present. If they gave me a warning, then they did it secretly.

I don’t think you should get a warning for that if your buyer shared his personal info … I usually tell them that we can’t communicate outside fiverr if this happens , that’s why I have it written in the FAQ section as well… I deliver stationary designs and for those obviously they need to add their info to it but I clearly specified that they need to do it on their own because of that reason

So, demoted over a warning you never received… Sounds like a really weird mistake (and a mistake on their end, not yours).