Thanks Fiverr - Sheer Genius Feels like Charlie Sheen - WINNING


Hi, guys, i joined fiverr to really see if i could make an extra 50 to 100 dollars a months as i have a full time job in graphic and web design industry. My wife was a real skeptic about ability to do so, since i had tried other online things and merely made $30 a month.

Wow, was i surprised when i made $400 in my first month on fiverr and earned level one status. Then I pretty much doubled that to $800 on my rise to level two status. But guess what, My wife still remained a skeptic because i had to wait to withdraw and had trouble doing at first, but boy was she happy when i did withdraw.

Now i’m in my third month and let’s just say that i am above my last months earnings with a week or so to go and i have over 400 orders, %100 positive rating, and still loving it. My Wife is now excited about my earnings, as she is about to give birth to our child and take a leave and this will now replace some of the income we would miss with her being at home with our child. Who knows, i might just tell her to stay home, i got this because of fiverr lol.Thank you fiverr and the fiverr family.



lol you reminded me when I started my gf thought I was crazy she was furious to know I was spending all day on the site. She eventually got it though :slight_smile:


yea it’s funny, now it’s like baby, how many order do you have today. how much did you make this week. lol. lovin it though