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Thanks for Fiverr


Hey Everyone,

I’m a level 2 seller.
5.0 Stars (90 Reviews).
In 4 months I made $1,724.
I completed 155 orders and canceled 5 orders.

One week ago I stopped to get any new orders.

Anyhow, I’m so thankful for Fiverr, this money really helped me to save my family.

What I’m asking now, how to continue receiving orders daily, how to be a top rated seller.

How to be a community leader?
I’m not English native speaker, and I haven’t marketing experience to promote my gigs.

I need HELP, please, I can’t imagine that I will not continue working on Fiverr, this money is a very important to me and my family.

Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Rafeek Wassef


Congratulation ! may be your gig disappeared the search position. So you should update the gig description, search tag etc


Thanks, but when I’m searching about my gig, I found it as before, nothing changed