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hi my fiverr chefs cars I’m just Gerson Ricardo, I’ve been working at fiverr for a long time, and I have great respect, I’m a freelancer on your site, I really enjoy working. But there are things that do not leave much to be desired lately, I have had clients who are misconduct, some wanting work in a short time, others asking for revision without activating the order and taking a little of us, others making us work and arrange with the client to I deliver a work done in other social networks and then cancel it, it’s a lot of things! these last 3 months of mine have been very affordable, at least I ask that this last activated order does not harm my account if I cancel it because I have a customer who does not explain correctly what he really needs and now does not say anything, this complicates me , I stated that they are ************ under the age of 18, practicing scam, I just ask that I do not harm myself, that they leave my account without suffering a retirement again because since that time I have the delevery process 0% I price it 100% to reach level one I ask for your help please, I take your site for the same job

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We are the same buyers and sellers here.
If you want your issue resolved you will have to contact t fiverr support


how can i contact support

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There is a green contact us button at the bottom of the help page.

But now it’s suspicious. Is this your second account? Similar avatars, similar name :thinking:


I was going to say, is this a second account on stand by when the above account goes south due to some buyers giving them issues?

At any rate, buyers here can be under 18 - I think the age to sell or buy here is 13.


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so it hurts any seller, i have a damaged account i need to reach level one again, because everything is going from bad to worse with these buyer buyers

Having two accounts is against the TOS. Your both accounts account will be banned soon if fiverr catches it which they will. Good luck