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Thanks for The New Fiverr Hoop To Jump Through

Contentious this. I know that lots of you like to immediately respond to an order with a good look through to check all is there and you want to give the thumbs up to your client as soon as you can. That’s cool and good on you.

However, I’ve a thousand Fiverr jobs under my belt and I’ve always, in the main, because of the nature of the work I offer, simply delivered the job within the pre-agreed time window. Me delivering the job is frequently the first they hear from me. Not always, sometimes I’ll recognise the need to jump in and discuss things. But my clients are happy - I have a 5 star rating. No problems. I got this and if it ain’t broke…

Now Fiverr has added an additional stage of admin - we have to let the client know that we have everything we need. Fast. In the main, all I frequently need is a script - a script that I’ll get to as soon as I can; but I have many many scripts in the pile to get through before I get to it - here on Fiverr and via all my other clients and avenues. So, Fiverr now enforcing this step - as opposed to trusting us humans to know when we need to contact a client prior to delivering their work as and when is necessary - I find a hugely unnecessary step. More nagging notifications, more noise and setting all Fiverr clients up to expect us to be able to immediately check the order through, rather than when we are ready to.

Why, Fiverr? Why meddle? Trust us to know how to manage our clients and our orders… just give us a bit of room.


You can join in here! :slightly_smiling_face:

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