Thanks for the support


Thanks for reviewing my gig!!! :slight_smile:


and how about the title? is it good? @bigbadbilly


@bigbadbilly Thanks, I used those keywords because most of the seller has used such points…

Thanks again for the advices! :slight_smile:




First. I would get rid of the "100% positive rating / Trusted Seller."

For now.

Why? Because you have no feedback/reviews really. So how can you be a trusted seller when you haven’t sold anything yet? Add that back later once you’ve sold a few gigs.

And, to be honest, I would remove any promises that aren’t 100% true. I would remove the 100% safe text. Don’t lie to people. Same as removing the “Build your own loyal subscribers” Take that out as well. Most people try to build their subscribers anyhow. And your service doesn’t provide that. Even if the subscribers you have are real, they have no interest in the page. Only the money for subscribing. And that’s saying they are real.

Your spelling/grammar are fine.

Just don’t go overboard with your claims and promises.

Most people know that buying YouTube views isn’t always safe. Most people know that the likes and subs are probably fake. (Even if they are not)

Your best bet is to strip away all the promises and sell your gig as it is. Likes and subscribers, with some extra views. Don’t add all the BS and promises.

People who want to use your service will still use it. And they’ll appreciate the fact you didn’t try and sell them on half truths.

Just out of curiosity…

How is this going anyhow, with Googles new approach to YouTube?

Likes/Subs are now shown from the persons Google Plus profiles? Public. Just curious.