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I am Emon.I am new fiverr user.I cannot varify my phone number .Please give some tips .:thinking: :thinking:

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Here are two threads that may be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:


sir,I cann’t publish my own gig.because they want to phone varification.but code did not come to number.

Hi there @developer2_emon, try it one more time, normally it says (’‘did not receive verification code send it once more’’). Don’t add for example (0)12345678 don’t add zero, I hope this helps. Also check spam folder

Warmly, Humberto

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thanks @hum_on_the_go you reply.but fiverr show varifecation 48 hours stop.

What do you mean with 48 hours stop??? Do you mean Fiverr needs 48 hours to verify your identification??

I mean try again 48 hours letter.
I do not communicate English properly so I am sorry sir.

Ah I see, :rofl: you have to wait another 48 hours before you can send your verification again, I get it now!!! Btw no need to call me sir, I just turned 24 and when you say sir it sounds like I’m an old man just had the best of his life behind him :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:

Edit: Don’t be sorry for anything!!!

Thank you, @hum_on_the_go
I am 17 years old.