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Hello Fiverr Community,

   I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Fiverr community for the great year 2016. Fiverr developers, thank you for keeping the site awesome despite the negative feedbacks during maintenance. Fiverr buyers without you Fiverr is nothing thank you for giving us the opportunity to give our best quality service, may you continue to trust the fiverr sellers and continue to search for better service. Fiverr sellers specially top sellers thank you for giving us tips through your experience. Another year of success and happiness has passed. With every new year comes greater projects and deadlines in Fiverr. I wish you all courage, hope and faith to overcome all of the hurdles you may face. May we all have a great year and a wonderful time ahead. God bless us all.



Thank you Fiverr


Thank You Fiverr, It’s been a great year


Wow I didn’t know Edward Snowden was on the Fiverr forum.


Ha! Good catch. I’ll have to be honest, I think this is the first time that I’ve ever seen someone choose to use Edward Snowden’s image to represent themselves on a forum. A peculiar avatar choice to say the least.