Thanks To Fiverr Dollars


When I first started working on Fiverr, most of the money was going toward food and other necessities. Granted times are different - because most of my money from Fiverr sits in a holding pattern - meaning when I NEED it, I use it. I have three bills I pay from it and the rest is gravy (so to speak).

Today, I decided to treat myself to a very late birthday present - hubby and I are going to the Evanescence/Lindsey Stirling concert in July.

If it wasn’t for the money I make through Fiverr, then I don’t think I’d have been able to throw down the kind of money I did on the tickets without resorting to the credit card.

No credit card needed today! This girl is ecstatic (too bad the concert wasn’t a rave one but Lindsey Stirling music is def. worth a listen in concert.)

I can’t wait!


Have a great time, you deserve it! I use my fiverr money to dine out, pay bills, hire household help and all kinds of things.


I am new here so the money at this moment aren´t enough for anything. So maybe next year I will be at that position. Wish you all the best and enjoy it.


Thanks MissC. I pay for my gym membership, my FIL’s vehicle and our dental insurance through my Fiverr funds - as well as any PayPal credit purchases I make at any one time. This time next year, I won’t have to worry about the FIL’s car because it’ll be paid off. Then I can throw the extra funds at one of our other vehicles or my student loans.

I’m like you though - about 1/3 of the funds go toward extras - clothing, dining out, things the youngest boy would like to do, etc.

My husband calls me the money buzzard. I watch all accounts like a hawk.


Same to case for me… :slight_smile:


This is awesome! :heart: Amy Lee! This is what life is all about taking time to enjoy the little things.
All work and no play is boring. :-1:t4: Treating yourself to something nice is good for the soul. I hope you & hubby enjoy the concert! :microphone: :musical_note:

I went to see LORDE recently and it was so much fun. Next up, Jay & Bey!

I’d take it as a compliment. :sweat_smile:


Was at a concert of Evanescence a long time ago. They rock.
Have fun! <-OP


Hey, Mario! :sunglasses:

How was your weekend?

Here’s another one I’ll be snagging tickets for. :stuck_out_tongue:

I :heart: the 90s tour!


I was starting the spring cleaning of my house and my smartphone fell in a bucket of water :frowning:

Just watched ‘Roxanne Roxanne’ and ‘The Defiant Ones’ on Netflix.

The last concert I visited was in 2015 in Cologne ‘Die Antwoord’.


I haven’t started my spring cleaning yet, I’m looking forward to starting a :tulip: garden tho.

As for your smartphone, damn that sucks. :joy:

:sweat_drops: + :iphone: = :radioactive: :grimacing:

I wonder if Die Antwoord ever tour the :us:. :thinking: I’ve heard a few people talk about this group!


They did tour the US.


Really? :hushed: How long ago?


I don’t know, but they were everywhere. The whole world.
In Moscow they had ‘Little Big’ as opening gig.


Making some extra cash through fiverr is real and can sometimes exceeds expectation.


The least fun is setting 1/3 aside for the IRS, but taxes are a reality. I recall one seller who didn’t plan for it and got bit hard. At a certain threshold, PayPal will send the IRS a 1099 reporting your income.


The IRS takes out a huge chunk from my bank account 4 times a year automatically to pay for my taxes.


I use my school federal taxes to pay for my freelance taxes. It evens out. We paid just $269 in federal this year and actually got state back.