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Thanks to Fiverr! :)


Congrats! The useful update is coming! The lil one but very useful one! The rating display on the top of the converstaion bunch. Now it’s great to get more completed understanding who’s your buyer or seller. Now the buyer’s rating REALY means too! Thanks, Fiverr!


By the way,
I saw the topic: why the new sellers are so much expensive?
After one year of working I can answer this: because some of them from Disneyland where are their buyers too.


What feature are you referring to? I can’t seem to find it, or maybe I didn’t understand your post correctly…

Could you perhaps share some screenshots? (make sure to remove buyer names)


I agree
Me too


Yes… I agree and Thanks Fiverr a lot.


I still don’t get it - what new feature are you guys talking about? :confused:


Can you not see it @Woofy31? Look harder


Nope, can’t see anything in my conversation “bunch” :eyes:

Am I being benched again from receiving new features? :thinking:

I don’t see any buyer rating display…


Its there on top of the conversation bunch


I think I too much and can’t see a thing anymore! I’m feature-blind!



Could you please share the screenshot of the Feature?


You can’t see it either? :smiley:



Yes brother.


You have to be in Disneyland.


Perhaps @Woofy31 should be renamed @Goofy31


Have you figured it out yet?

Anxiously, waiting your reply. :watch: . :slight_smile:


I shall call this one of the most mysterious features ever! :eyes:

When I’ll discover it, for all your sake, I truly hope I’ll experience this feeling of wow & astonishment:

Please, please tell me the OP is NOT talking about the ancient “Top Buyer” & “Regular Buyer” badges :roll_eyes:


I’m with you @Woofy31, I can’t see it either.

I think the OP is referring “Top Buyer” badge, which is an old feature.


I can see it
Thats great

Thanks fiverr