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Thanks to the Fiverr Forum Sheriffs for doing a great job!


Hey, I just want to tell the Fiverr forum sheriffs that they are doing a great job in keeping the forum a fun place to be and interact with other Fiverr members.

Sheriffs: @oldbittygrandma, @madmoo, and any other sheriffs who I don’t know are sheriffs :wink:

Please join me and extend your gratitude!



They deserve thanks! I am loving this place more each day.


Thanks a lot OBG and MM. You both are doing a great job, taking out time from your orders to keep this place clean and tidy. Amazing work


Agreed. They are doing a great job. Are they also the moderators?


I agree awesome job!!


Tru Dat! =D>


There is another …male identified Sheriff in town. I don’t remember all the details of his name.

Thanks to the Sheriffs :slight_smile:


Thanks to Sheriffs madmoo and OBG! :slight_smile:

I am also thinking, who are the other Sheriffs?

anarchofighter said: There is another ...male identified Sheriff in town.

John Wayne?


Reply to @hotwebideas: Batman’s cousin?


Reply to @princemaxx: No, not related to Bruce Wayne. John Wayne is a western cowboy actor in the US, but he passed away a long time ago.


You two are HILARIOUS!


Reply to @madmoo: (((((group hug)))))


Reply to @hotwebideas: :frowning: R.I.P


Really do NO ONE actually remember the name of the other Sheriff here? :slight_smile: LOL


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: He’s a mint.




Reply to @lparziale: I think you mean woo hoo :wink:


Reply to @anarchofighter: No, we’re pretty serious.