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I’ve been buying some gigs from new sellers who seem to be working hard at building their gigs honestly and following the guidelines in the forums and Fiverr Academy. I just wanted to say now that I can attest to it that there are some great new sellers out there who deliver what they promise, have honest profiles no matter what country they are in, and give you some bang for for five bucks. Just be a little discerning, message sellers first to make sure they are active and go for people that you connect with well.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to work at making this a place to get good value and earn some money. In the big picture this is a relatively young site, but it takes good sellers and good buyers to make it keep working. It’s tough sometimes to be patient with Fiverr and I don’t always agree with what they do either, but this site has still given me great value as a seller and buyer so far.

Update: I’m almost done buying from the offer I put out there for new sellers, but it’s been a good experience. Thanks to those that responded with the right stuff. To those who tried to advertise junk gigs, gigs that break Fiverr or social media site rules, and be fake - you may make a little money but it’s not the way to last on Fiverr. Good sellers, keep it up!