Thanksgiving is a very happy time of the year, but also a violent holiday (funny)


Don’t take this seriously folks. I am just having a little fun before I brave the crowded roads to my family.

Ah yes, Thanksgiving is a very happy time…we get together with family and friends and have a feast.

Here’s the real short story of Thanksgiving: In 1620, a determined group of people called “pilgrims” fought 3,000 miles of violent waters in the autumn and landed somewhere near Boston, Massachusetts at a place called Plymouth Rock. They fought for a little place to have a simple feast. Now, that feast is signified by slicing up fat innocent little birds called a turkey and we eat them. However, the turkey, being a really fat bird, is not good enough for Americans. We have a tradition of making the turkey even fatter by shoving globs of carbohydrates into its carcus and making it even fatter. Let’s call that “stuffing”. Shall we?

Cranberries: Then, the pilgrims were at sea for so long searching for Plymouth Rock that they got scurvy (a vitamin C deficiency), so they went searching in the woods for a cure and ate the cranberries. Since cranberries are loaded with Vitamin C, they helped the pilgrims fend off further bouts of scurvy. However, cranberries taste disgusting, so we stick them in boiling water and add 2 pounds of sugar to them and end up with cranberry sauce. After all that boiling, it’s full of sugar and all the vitamin C boiled away, but that’s how cranberries found their way into the Thanksgiving feast.

Some American families make so much food for this holiday, contemplating 10 to 25 people in a household that whatever food is left over, they have food fights with the leftover food. Someone on this forum, not from the U.S., mentioned that they learned about Thanksgiving from watching Friends, but if you watch Cheers, they finished off the holiday at Carla’s house with that food fight. So, if you are mad at one of your relatives, hitting them with a biscuit is a more fun way to let them know.

Side Note: The pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock 153 years before the Boston Tea Party in 1773. Had they waited until 1773, Thanksgiving would be celebrated with crumpets instead of stuffing.


Reply to @madmoo: >>>>(What’s the Bah Humbug equivalent for Thanksgiving btw?)

“Get away from me, sis, or I will pour gravy over your head”.

Does that work as a Thanksgiving Bah Humbug?


Reply to @madmoo: Biscuits are pretty good for hurling and they don’t take out an eye like toast can.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Very cute!


THis was the text I received from my child this morning, whipped cream in the face and pumpkin pie in the hair, got to love Thanksgiving at work. So I guess food fights at Thanksgiving are a tradition


Are the food fights really that common??

Ive never even HEARD of it till this post o.0


Reply to @caiterz: In some families, yes. I am sure the pilgrims got bored just searching for cranberries. LOL


Reply to @tn5rr2012: There ya go.


Over here where I live the US embassy is somehow promoting the Thanksgiving tradition, being a former US colony and all. I think it’s catching up although I think it has a long long way to go since people here are so big when it comes to Christmas.