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That awesome feeling you get

When you have produced almost 11 million words for clients without a single complaint, and somebody leaves you with a 1-star rating.

Gig was delivered about 12 hours late, I get that. I informed them of the delay. Not enough to warrant a 1-star rating (according to customer support).

Client says that the article is full of mistakes. I have spent over $20 having it proofread (yes, on a $5.00 order) and the following say it isn’t:

  1. An editor for a major magazine
  2. Two separate software grammar checkers.
  3. Two proofreaders.

There was apparently one mistake. This was a difference in opinion on what the definition of a particular word is. I originally went with the definition that the first top ten sites on Google gave me. She asked for an edit based on her wildly different definition. I carried out this edit. I am used to this as there are many ‘pyramid marketers’ out there who wish for me to write about their ‘scheme’ and I write about it in a completely truthful way. They do not like the fact that they have misinterpreted what they have bought into incorrectly.

I also rewrote the whole article. This is what I do when I go back to content. I find it tricky to look at small sections of the content and just change those. I always spot sections where I think “hey, I could have written that differently”. If I went back to the content now, I would certainly make even more changes. Whilst the first delivery was good, the second delivery (fully revised) would have been excellent value for $5.00. Hell, it would have been excellent value for $30.00.

All of this was sent to customer support to review. They agreed that a one-star rating was harsh and removed the feedback. They have done this three times. They state that they will not do it any longer and that something has to be worked out with the customer. What does the customer want? Free content, or she will continue to leave the 1-star rating.

It is ridiculous.

They are a level 2 seller as well.

Note: the first bit is a little bit of a lie. One person left negative feedback for poor quality content, but he also admitted that he had never read what I wrote. I don’t think it counts, really. Other ‘complaints’ have resulted in the client using my content, completely unedited on their website. They backed down pretty quickly when I pointed it out and removed the feedback of their own accord.

As I was trying to point out to another writer here I am fond of, you have people who only pay $5 who are the troublemakers. Never those who pay more. Why you guys only are charging $5 is beyond me but if you would charge even $10 you would weed out these mean and cheap types. Mean + cheap = too much work and stress for nothing.

I agree, but I also think delivery time and product promise the seller can really manage is critical. If 1 in 50 buyers says they understand lateness, it’s often worth the risk to deliver late. It’s too risky and adds even more stress to be late very regularly no matter how much you charge.

You are offering 2*500 words for $5
It’s good but always make sure that you are offering something that you can deliver on time. I had this problem too. I was offering 500 words for $5 and I was almost delivering late since I was getting more orders at that time. For now, I offer 300 words for $5 and I always make sure that I have delivered on time.