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That Awesome Feeling

When you come back after a quick 45-minute early morning run (more walking than running in my case at this stage, hopefully, that will change.) Also, when you run, go run outside, not in the house on a treadmill. I realize why I wasn’t enjoying running so far - I was doing it on my treadmill. It can get claustrophobic and boring running on a treadmill. Always run outside, that’s the way nature intended it to be. Now hope to do this every day!

I can very well relate to that feeling. I enjoy outdoor activities. I can not run/walk more than 20 minutes on the treadmill. Well, let me accept it. I can not run more than 10 minutes on the treadmill without getting bored. I have to push myself after 10 minutes. Music does not work for me. On the contrary, I can run/walk with a better speed and less exhaustion, in the outdoor setting. Running was never assumed to be indoor activities before the invention of the treadmills.

True…exercise and low information diet, as Tim Ferriss says…secret to higher productivity…have also decided to limit activity on this forum and read books instead when I am free.

What a great surprise!!! You are quoting Timothy. Although, he does a lot of experimentation but somehow his advice works for me. I even experimented with his ‘two hours a day sleep formula’ long ago. I admired his ‘80-20 work principle’ (originally from Pareto) a lot. That is how I made net revenue of USD 1300 in one month by investing only 20 hours per week.

Awesome! I will need to cut down my time in front of the laptop and focus on other important things.

I like how you talk in terms of “net revenue”…I am conditioned to talk in terms of “income”…there’s a big difference.

Yes, you need to cut that time. That advice does not work if you invest 18 hours a day. Why would one need a 80-20 principle then? It may work well if you work 4-5 hours a day or better if you work on weekends only. Now, I should go and work on my own thesis.

I even talk about net income per hour. As an economist, I hardly care about the production. Productivity is the most important aspect for us coupled with efficiency. I am happy to earn some bucks (however it feels very unethical to earn bucks like that), live my dream and nourish my passions.

Yes, it’s a great feeling to get some exercise outdoors! I’m happy for you that you’ve rediscovered this recently. For me; however, as much as I try, running just doesn’t do it for me. Music helps… but I can only do it for so long. Introduce a ball though, and I’ll run all day. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer… That’s the exercise I love!

Yeah, I used to play a lot of sports as a kid and as a young adult, but most men of my age (mid-thirties) are balding, overweight or obese, taking their kids out to the mall etc. I don’t fit with them, and I definitely don’t fit with the early 20s crowd…it’s a unique situation. At my age, “sports” means playing with your kids…at least in India…

Or watching football/cricket on TV…