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That horrible 1%

99% of my customers are no problem and I would say around 70% of my gigs do not need any revision at all but when something needs a tweak we communicate and get in done no problems

Had this really rude nutjob today shouting saying. Not impressed you said my company name wrong get it right or refund my money

As the guy had only ordered a basic gig and needed an attitude adjustment you can guess I did the second.

Gosh these people must have really sad lives if they treat others so badly I feel sorry for them!!

Tarnia x

Yes there are all kinds of people in the world. Fortunately most are very nice. Do not let the rude ones bother you at all.

No I just feel sorry for the people in his life that have to deal with him on a daily basis xxx

I sometimes find myself at a loss to reason how some people have actually survived so long in the real world with the attitudes they have. As far as Fiverr goes, I get my $5 worth of evil from people from time to time but it’s better by far than how things used to be dealing with such people face to face. At least when someone is taking their insecurities and anger management issues out on you via Fiverr, you can always scowl, shout expletives and just refuse to entertain them any longer before pouring yourself something with a bit of a kick to perk your spirits back up. Can’t do that in the real world :slight_smile:

It’s simple. When wannabe evil comes, you kick it in the face and say “no, **** off.”

Real evil you don’t even look at and run far, far away. Generally people fleecing sellers on Fiverr doesn’t fall into that category. However, you have to remember that globally psychopathy covers around 4-6% of humans. That’s not necessarily evil, but it is difficult to defend against.