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That is an Awesome feeling


Hello Fiverr Family

The Awesome feeling when you search a keyword such as DJ Drops and your gig shows up number one in the search on the mobile app

Thanks Fiverr


For me it shows as number 5.
I think Fiverr puts the gigs which you have recently viewed at top. But anyway 1st page placement in the 2nd row ROCKS!!! Keep up good work. :grin:


Keep our pace @pastordre. :clap:



It is indeed quite nice when this whole thing starts to feel like it could work out. :grinning:
(my bestselling gig is #2 in Kinetic Typography right now)


@idostuff74 I actually had to go look at what that is and played the video 3 times lol bookmarked it too, I might find a reason to need that some time. I generally like your profile and gigs and videos too.

@pastordre It´s always nice to read your posts. Congrats, if now 1st or 5th, it´s awesome either way.


Thanks @miiila appreciate the shout out…


@miiila Thank you very much! Especially the bit about the profile. I am sometimes tempted to shovel more random stuff onto it but I feel like it’s better in the long run to make it somewhat coherent. Make it “mine”, so to speak.


@pastordre Yes it feels amazing. I always check on the desktop site in a private window to avoid any cookies that could be affecting the results, but one time I searched, and I was right there at the top.