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That is


I just saw a buyer request in the requests section…

It says, ‘love me’. :o3


Awwww. That’d be realllly cute if all they wanted was a hug.

I know I used to be like that :blush:


If my wife wrote that request, I’d fulfill it in a second!



Hmm I wonder how the responses were




Hey! I have also seen that request, but u didn’t responded because i though someone requested for fun !! Have you responded to that request ?


Reply to @dhanraj1994:

No I haven’t. It’s ok if it’s just for fun, maybe someone will think it’s romantic or cute, but, what if it’s not like that?

What would make a person post a request like this? ‘I need someone to love me for $5’?

Think about it…


I have seen many other posts that say ‘break up with my bf/gf’ or ‘be my bf/gf on facebook’ for $5.

What makes these people willing to pay for some fake love or a fake gf/bf?

It’s not cute, it’s sad.


yap vary sad


I do believe someone needs a hug but for $5, man I thought love had no cost


I am going to keep my comment “clean” but tn5rr2012 all I am saying is Amsterdam and Vegas. Love is not always free. Or maybe that’s not love.

KEEP IT CLEAN. I was just saying. :expressionless:




Reply to @lparziale: hahahaha that is so true






Reply to @lparziale: hahahaha that is so true






Reply to @lparziale: hahahaha that is so true