That issue with buyer not reading gig description again


…but this time from another angle.

I stated the price in my gig, and I believe it’s pretty clear, something along the line: flat color = $5, full color = 10$… I understand sometimes it confuses people as not everybody know what flat and full color means, that’s why I also asked buyers to contact me before ordering, which they did and I’m quite happy about this.

Yet, it still seems they didn’t read the description at all, since some of them disappear after I give the specific price. Some politely said it’s out of their budget. I appreciate having the answer for not ordering, but still can’t understand this at some point.

The basic price is in there, they might not be able to come up with and exact price, but should have had a grip on it. 1 character= $5 then if they want 10 characters shouldn’t it be $50? What is the purpose putting up a price in gig description if it doesn’t help buyer to understand service anyway? Probably I should just write down “contact me for price”


Had a similar problem with my logo gig.

I was offering logo signature/text for $5 and logo with symbol/icon for an extra $20. Obviously, the buyers kept ordering logo with symbol/icon for $5 so I just wrote the offer on the first gig picture and it seems to be working. It’s true, I got less sales but I don’t focus on logos here anyways.

I think some buyers believe everything should be for $5 here. :slight_smile:


I have both price and I tell the buyer to contact me in the gig description. It doesn’t matter. They don’t read. I just had a buyer order a $5 gig. My price is $5 per 60 words. Their script was over 240 words. They also provided me poor quality images I could not use.

I can’t afford to use the time after they order for working out the details. That is one reason I ask them to contact me BEFORE ordering.

So what do I do, I tell the buyer we need to cancel. I put a friendly reminder that they need to read the gig instructions.

What happens? They get ticked off and act like it is my fault for them not reading and abiding by simple instructions. “”""""""""""""""""""“ME SCREAMING”""""""""""""""""""""""""""


Reply to @steveeyes: I’ll scream with you. LOL

When I had my book trailer gig up, one of my Extras was that I would include images for up to 2.5 minutes (basic gig was a video up to 5 minutes long with THEIR images or NO images, plus royalty-free, commercially available music, text and plain color backgrounds – a steal for that length, really). I had this Extra because finding good images available for free commercial use could take a long time to find. I wasn’t charging for the photos, just for the time spent finding them.

Anyway, I had someone order the entire 5-minute video plus one photo Extra. I messaged that person a couple times to remind them to buy another photo Extra to fill out the last 2.5 minutes. I worked on other gigs while waiting for a response, but the buyer never responded. So when he was the last person left in the queue, I made his video with images in only the first 2.5 minutes. A few days after delivery, he contacted me and asked why there were no images in the last half of the video.


I repeated that he only ordered ONE photo Extra. He asked if I could just use those same images in the last half of the video. I’m like, seriously? You already got a seriously good deal on a 5-minute video, and you got EXACTLY what you pay for. Now you’re trying to milk MORE out of it?? Just. Wow. I knew I’d never hear from him again – it was just one of those things. So I just threw the images in wherever. Didn’t bother lining them up with the music or text or anything like that. I guess you could say I was being passive-aggressive. They didn’t match with the text at all, anyway. I don’t know why he thought that was a good idea.

I sent it to him and said I wouldn’t do a revision, and if he ordered from me again, he needed to be sure to order the correct number of gigs and Extras to cover everything. He said he would and, just like I thought, I never heard from him again. But the sale went through and I got a thumbs-up, so it all worked out in the end.

So yeah, I hear ya. It can be so frustrating sometimes!


I would recommend maybe setting up your gigs just for flat color with a gig extra for full. But only refer to flat everywhere except in the extra. Then use the extra space in the description for explaining what flat is and check out gig extras for full color.

Just a thought to cut down on the confusion. I do a similar thing in mine with voice overs. I offer a straight read for $5, but I’ll add an accent or character voice for $10.