That ******* "Request Modification" button


Ok since this is the ranting pot, I’d love to hear how some of you folks handle this. I am a Voice Over narrator. In my gig description I state the following:

“Because I offer a PREMIUM, high quality voiceover at such a low price, I cannot offer free revisions. Of course, if I make a mistake, I will fix it for free, however any other changes are subject to additional charges. Please check your script and include pronunciations before you submit.”

And in my FAQ’s I state:

"Can I get a revision or modification?

Yes, I will fix any errors in pronunciation that I make at no charge. However, script changes or requests to adjust tone, inflection, tempo, etc, after the delivery of the order will be charged at the normal rate of $5 per 100 words."

These are very common guidelines for VO artists because often we cannot just make a small edit, frequently we have to start from scratch to do it properly.

Despite this, there is a certain small percentage who will usually mash that “request modification” button quickly after delivery and say something along the lines of, "Hi, really like the work, but can you read the whole thing again slower or faster, or with more emphasis on “MEK-SELL” etc…There are many variations.

So far, I have responded with an offer that says "Sure, no problem, here’s the offer to fix it. Thanks"
Most will accept the offer, but some simply won’t respond. In that case, I redeliver a .TXT file that says the following.

"Hi, Regarding the modifications you requested, I have sent along an offer to cover those additional services. Should you wish to proceed, please let me know. This gets the request cleared out and not stuck in pending hell.

It usually works. Only occasionally do I get “You want to charge me for a simple modification?” When I get that response, I send back the .TXT file with the same note as above and an additional line explaining that my gig clearly states the costs of modifications. It’s like painting a room. I’ll be glad to do it again, but it ain’t free.

How do you folks handle this?


It surely is a difficult line to walk.

As most buyer’s here are SPOILED, by the works of wonderful sellers providing “UNLIMITED” revisions.

Best thing to do in these cases is usually gauge the type of buyers, if you feel a buyer will be problematic, best to IRON your conditions out right then and there or simply do not work with them.


I guess modifications are a bit more frustrating in the VO category; regarding your .txt file delivery, I’m not sure if that’s a good way of handling things, you could get in trouble for that.

I have no problem offering revisions but as soon as the buyer abuses of the button, I usually just cancel the order if we don’t seem to fit or he’s too demanding.

It’s easier to work with people who aren’t so nagging; I usually have a “feel” of the buyer before I start working with him. If my instinct is telling me he’s trouble, I avoid him.


How do you handle it if you send an additional offer to cover the modifications and the buyer just walks away without responding? Won’t that just hang there forever?


Are you talking about the additional offer within the current order page or another custom offer?

You know you can set an expiry date on your Custom offers.


I’m talking about when you respond to the modification request by offering more extra services within the current order. Then the system says, “we are awaiting *****'s response.” What if they never reply?


Then the order will be stuck in a limbo until Customer service is involved for a Manual action, usually like cancellation, but that will have the potential of hurting your cancellation rate.


I’d like to explore that though a bit. I understand that making an empty delivery is not allowed. But in this instance, you are delivering the finished product. The buyer then says I want modification, even though they are not free. I send an offer to do the work and they igore the offer. So after a day or 2, I send the offer again in text file offering to continue if they wish. If they accept, great we proceed. If they don’t, then they have decided to just accept the original work and the funds move on to “pending clearing” after 3 days. Is this truly against TOS?


I would STRONGLY urge you to take this matter up with Customer Services ASAP just to CYA.


My approach is similar to yours. I give them a reasonable time to respond to the offer then redeliver the same file with a note that there’s nothing I can do under the original order and they should accept the offer if they need the change.


Roger that. I’ll let you know what they say.


10-4 Mike.:thumbsup:


I think it’s not against the ToS, because you have already delivered as advertised. If they keep requesting a modification without purchasing the extra needed for additional work, they’re breaking the ToS (abusing the modification button).


We’ll find out soon. I just sent to CS for a ruling. Will advise.


Interested to hear how this pans out. I feel your pain. People are like ‘Amazing! But can you do it faster?’… -__-

I’ve been holding off creating an extra for a ‘timed voiceover’ ie, fitting a certain amount of time to try and avoid these requests… but perhaps when I get more reviews, I will add it in. I’d be curious if other vo artists that have this sort of extra, get many people buying it? I feel like it would cut down on revisions, but may make your gig slightly unappealing for those with lower budgets and not wanting to risk a receiving a voiceover that is the wrong length.

I have kept 1 revision on my gigs as just a safeguard and sort of re-assuring the buyer I aim to please, and find for the most part they are small revisions. Still a bother to do sometimes though, as you said-- fixing one word can sometimes require a whole section re-done. I usually just hold my breath and begrudgingly complete entire re-reads (within reason of course… if it was more than 500 words, I’d for sure charge more, and 99% of the time the buyer understands).


So here’s what CS recommends. They suggested that I just give the buyer more time to respond, and then let them know if I don’t hear anything. Then CS will contact the buyer on my behalf.


Buyer : Can you do X?
You : Here’s X…
Buyer : Oh sorry, did I say X? I really wanted XYZ…

:joy: :joy: :joy:


As long as it isn´t:

Buyer : Can you do X?
You : Here’s X…
Buyer : Oh sorry, did I say X? I really wanted DYZ…



I think that´s reasonable, I had some buyers not reacting to something for a rather long while, but not on purpose and eventually they did.
Generally I think the CS course of not meddling too much too early is good, I wouldn´t want my customer to have to get involved with CS, if we can sort it out ourselves. Obviously this is only for sensible buyers, if they are trying to threaten or blackmail or such, of course one should notify CS right away with screenshots.

Hope it pans out well soon! :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks. I am wondering how it goes when they ask for the revision, you say ok $20, and they just walk away. Even if CS contacts them and they don’t answer, will you lose the revenue to limbo forever? Anyone have that happen?