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That ******* "Request Modification" button


I think it’s not against the ToS, because you have already delivered as advertised. If they keep requesting a modification without purchasing the extra needed for additional work, they’re breaking the ToS (abusing the modification button).


We’ll find out soon. I just sent to CS for a ruling. Will advise.


Interested to hear how this pans out. I feel your pain. People are like ‘Amazing! But can you do it faster?’… -__-

I’ve been holding off creating an extra for a ‘timed voiceover’ ie, fitting a certain amount of time to try and avoid these requests… but perhaps when I get more reviews, I will add it in. I’d be curious if other vo artists that have this sort of extra, get many people buying it? I feel like it would cut down on revisions, but may make your gig slightly unappealing for those with lower budgets and not wanting to risk a receiving a voiceover that is the wrong length.

I have kept 1 revision on my gigs as just a safeguard and sort of re-assuring the buyer I aim to please, and find for the most part they are small revisions. Still a bother to do sometimes though, as you said-- fixing one word can sometimes require a whole section re-done. I usually just hold my breath and begrudgingly complete entire re-reads (within reason of course… if it was more than 500 words, I’d for sure charge more, and 99% of the time the buyer understands).


So here’s what CS recommends. They suggested that I just give the buyer more time to respond, and then let them know if I don’t hear anything. Then CS will contact the buyer on my behalf.


Buyer : Can you do X?
You : Here’s X…
Buyer : Oh sorry, did I say X? I really wanted XYZ…

:joy: :joy: :joy:


As long as it isn´t:

Buyer : Can you do X?
You : Here’s X…
Buyer : Oh sorry, did I say X? I really wanted DYZ…



I think that´s reasonable, I had some buyers not reacting to something for a rather long while, but not on purpose and eventually they did.
Generally I think the CS course of not meddling too much too early is good, I wouldn´t want my customer to have to get involved with CS, if we can sort it out ourselves. Obviously this is only for sensible buyers, if they are trying to threaten or blackmail or such, of course one should notify CS right away with screenshots.

Hope it pans out well soon! :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks. I am wondering how it goes when they ask for the revision, you say ok $20, and they just walk away. Even if CS contacts them and they don’t answer, will you lose the revenue to limbo forever? Anyone have that happen?


If a buyer hits request modification button the timer starts counting down again, so if you won’t deliver you will get automatically bad review after the deadline. So the only way is to repeat your deliver or cancel the show.


I perform in videos and sometimes v/o gigs. Revisions are the kiss of death.


I perform in video and sometimes offer a v/o gig. You might want to include this in your gig description…

—> When you order my gig you agree to my interpretation of your script.

Since I started adding that it seems to have eliminated the Buyer who thinks Fiverr is a fancy NYC agency and he’s the art director.


I’ve wanted to add a gig extra that says “Be Hitchcock, revise endlessly till you are satisfied” $250


Awesome! I double dog dare you to add it!


That sure sounds frustrating! :confused:

I would get those ‘modification’ notifications when I said I offer one free revision. That was a huge mistake on my part, so I took that option down and now charge for revisions unless it’s an error on my part. Unfortunately, what’s happening to you is still happening to me from time to time and it drives me nuts.


Yes, I see it all the time. (I’m also a VO artist.) Note that I’ve recently raised my prices, and getting better quality buyers, but had to work through those “not so understanding buyers” to get toward the top of the category.

CS is your friend for these types of cases. If the buyer is asking for something for nothing, as long as you keep it professional, CS will back you.

I’m just like you. My gig says ZERO revisions unless I read it wrong. (Happy to fix my mistakes.)

It says in my requirements I don’t do revisions for free (when asking for the script).

So I have it stated twice, and yet still have a few who want a revision. I send them the gig extra, if they don’t respond within a reasonable time, I send a message to CS, mutually cancel and move on. (I have a very low cancellation rate compared to most, but I’ll do it when needed.)

Some people don’t read no matter what you do, some want something for nothing. Don’t invest too much time, instead find the good buyers who appreciate your quality, and move on.



You might also want to update your profile per the instructions here so your photo has the link to your gig:
Linking to your profile

I was going to check out your gig… and I’d have to copy/paste too much. (Just kidding, but you want to make it easy for others outside the VO category to find you.)


Great tip. Done! Thanks very much


Another VO guy here. This is certainly a frustrating problem, especially if the buyer only ordered $5 from you. It’s a little easier to deal with if they had a bigger order.

From my experience, I try to get the proper instructions up front by asking in the requirements what style of read it requires and any time constraints. This usually takes care of it, but occasionally I’ll get a request for revision. Personally, I’ve just sucked it up and done the revisions, to maintain my rating. I’ve never had anybody go beyond 1-2 revisions at most, so it was quicker and easier to just revise and send a new version rather than grumble about it.

Perhaps I am too kind. It may not seem good for business on the seller’s end, but I’ve been disappointed before by other VO sellers who were charging extra if we wanted it within 30 sec, wanted commercial use, etc. Nearly all VO’s are for commercial use and many need to fit in a time constraint. Charging extra for these things to me just seems like forcing buyers to pay more and comes across as misleading to me. So I’ve stuck to keeping it simple and doing whatever reasonable to keep people happy.


I’m going the other way. I’ve stopped giving commercial use on a $5 read, and pleasantly surprised how many add the $5 on for a simple job. Frankly if it’s for commercial use (they are going to make money) then the difference of $5 has made little difference in terms of orders. (Mine continue to go up, and more repeat clients which is one of the most important metrics I track.)

Fitting a script in 30 seconds (or whatever) can mean reading it two or three times, depending on the script. It often means the script has to be reworked too as too many buyers have NO idea how many words fit into a specific time frame without it sounding like chipmunks. I don’t yet charge for specific timings, but I will. (I’m out of gig extras, or it would be there now…)

My “Standard Package” (the one showing by default currently for $15) includes the commercial use.

Charging more for things that take more work makes perfect sense to me. It’s not that you’re too nice, that’s your strategy and hopefully it’s working for you. If someone is doing a 30 second commercial, there is value in making sure their VO fits, so they should pay something. Again: $5 is coffee money for many commercial uses.

I find I have better quality scripts, and higher value clients with the buyers invested a little more. YMMV. I give them higher quality VO, they invest a little more. I want the clients who have projects that value quality, and really the different in price is still minor. (It’s only on Fiverr are a few worried about investing an extra $5 or $10.)

Frankly if they go to any other VO service provider, they will find NO options in the $5 range. Most are starting at $30-50 and up for the minimum package and Fiverr is simply under pricing the value in the market from a VO perspective.

That works to a point, but longer term I suspect it will go up for the quality sellers. (It actually depends on how many words someone gives for $5.)

It actually should go up, since the quality sellers are worth it. Have you seen the videos that have weak/bad audio? It makes the whole thing look/sound cheap.


Glad that you’re having success with prices above $5, especially the commercial use. I did charge for commercial use once upon a time but removed it. Based on your post I think I will try adding it back! It would be nice to make things a little more fair for everybody, such as a non-profit individual vs a big marketing agency with a large budget, the two shouldn’t be paying the same.