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That seller is no longer available

I’m not sure where to post this but I have a question if this is a bug or something.

I ordered from this seller a few times for some art (love the art style). I went back to the listing to see the other tiers and check out their other listing but I’m getting the error that I pasted in the title.

Logged out I can see the listing just fine however and it even lets me proceed to order the gig even when I’m logged back in during checkout (which I’m not ready to do just yet so I didn’t push the final button after confirming payment details, want to think about the details first).

So I see the listing and the seller is still there but the error says otherwise unless logged out.

Is my account bugged or maybe the sellers page bugged?


Perhaps it’s a bug, and perhaps the seller blocked you because they don’t want to work with you again.


There’s a bit of a bug with the blocking function. I blocked a buyer once and they were able to order from me twice. Other sellers have talked about having the same problem. I’m not saying that they have blocked you - but buyers have been able to buy from sellers in the past even when they have been blocked.


Any collaboration is a process where two or more parties are involved. If you don’t see any reasons to be blocked, doesn’t mean it reflects the seller’s feelings on the matter.

Blocking feature works funny either way, unfortunately, so there is no way to tell what was the seller’s intention by the way their profile is currently behaving.

You can screenshot the error message and ask CS why you’re seeing it.

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Maybe some sellers might block buyers depending on the rating they gave, eg. if it could affect stats/the evaluation (eg. if the rating or continued reviews with the same rating might cause a level drop). Though the lowest rating is ignored by the evaluation I think. Though as long as the average (maybe excluding the lowest) is >=4.7 stars for the last 60 days the level shouldn’t be affected. Though for a seller with many orders and reviews in each 60 days 1 rating shouldn’t really matter. Maybe the review itself could be a reason someone might decide to block.

If you left them a rating that’s lower than 5 stars, it could harm their business on Fiverr, so they might have decided to protect their business by blocking you.

I’m just guessing here, of course.

If they have really blocked you, I doubt that they’re going to appreciate that (sort of like a girl who is doing her best to hide from a guy, and he keeps chasing her because he sees no reason why she wouldn’t want to see him, he always tells her how much he likes her, and so on).

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Why not respect the choice of the individual who decided to possibly pass on any future collaborations?

This line of thinking has always confused me. The possibility that something did go wrong is not even being entertained.

I’ve seen that review, and it’s 4 stars total. There are sellers who don’t want to work with buyers who give them less than 5 stars.

The monthly evaluation takes reviews from the last 60 days into account, and if the average is below a certain number, the seller loses their level (and with it, all the features that came with it). A seller with a small number of reviews in the last 60 days (for example, they tend to work on bigger orders, so they don’t get many reviews) can have problems even with one 4 star review, so some sellers choose not to work with anyone who gives them a lower overall rating than 5 stars, especially since ratings can’t be changed and since even asking about it can earn the seller an account warning.

And I can’t know for sure whether you were blocked or not. However, if you were blocked, ordering from that seller would make them feel uncomfortable at best.

You can send a screenshot to CS and ask them why you’re seeing what you’re seeing. It might clear things up.


Overall review I see is 4 stars (it doesn’t show by areas, just the overall review), did you leave 1 star (or 2 stars) for communication? Anyway, yes, if someone gets fewer than 5 stars in an area and it was neither a bug nor a buyer who doesn’t believe in 5 stars, they should think about working on it and improving.

Some sellers wouldn’t block a buyer because of that. Some would, if it makes them afraid for their ranking and, perhaps, their entire livelihood. With Fiverr sometimes punishing sellers for something that’s not their fault (like buyers ordering something that they don’t offer) and the stress of monthly evaluations, there are sellers who are afraid of everything and anything that could harm their rating and overall ranking.

Do let us know what Customer Support said, for all we know, it could be just a bug.

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I’ve blocked a buyer for leaving me a 4-star review, after feeling insulted by the “this is so you can improve” attitude.

Typically, there is never an order quality issue. There is a “you didn’t make me feel like the center of your world issue” on the part of buyers.

I get told occasionally that it would have been nice if I’d communicated more during an order. When that is the case, it is always on my lowest priced gigs that have a 1-day delivery. Never, though, is the buyer unhappy with the result. In fact, often, they will try to continue to place orders.

I say ‘try’ as the second someone tells me I need to improve how I communicate on a $20 gig with a 1-day turnaround, I block them or let them know I’m not interested in accepting further work.

It is basic common sense. If you are ordering something you want in one day from a seller on the other side of the world, there is a very narrow window in which to communicate. That’s why if you want a discussion, you message the seller in advance of placing an order.

I’m also not a big fan of regular buyers flipping me a 4-star review because of a communication problem or one-off late delivery.

Like most sellers, I over deliver most orders. If there is a quality issue with a delivery, fine, let me know. However, if after several months of working together, you are going to flip me a 4-star review because I missed one message or delivery deadline, I see that as petty and narcissistic.

In the real world, it’s the equivalent of an employer putting a black mark on an employees resume for life, because they happened to be out one evening when you called them at home.

All this might seem like an exaggeration. However, this is how a lot of sellers see reviews left for reasons like this. If sellers are always late, repeatedly miss messages, and the quality of their deliveries is declining, that’s fair justification for a discussion and negative review. When this isn’t the case, though, it just leaves a bad impression and makes sellers feel unappreciated.


I have this problem with a seller who didn’t deliver the work (I didn’t accept the work because it was not what I asked) and went in "this seller is not available) when trying to reach her. She delivered me a void video.

“I’ve blocked a buyer for leaving me a 4-star review, after feeling insulted by the “this is so you can improve” attitude.”

I don’t get it. Buyers are free to be honnest in their review, if not it’s called lying, isn’t it. And it’s supposed to help other buyers.

If the buyer left a 4stars review, what is the problem? Even if they left a one-star review, it’s not a problem, if they feel this way.

If you feell insulted because someone asks you to improve your work, that’s weird, and I don’t think you should be a freelancer, because it’s because people tell you where you can get some improvement, that you can be able to improve your work and competences.

someone asks you to improve your work

Read the rest of the post. The 4* reviews aren’t about the quality of the work.

Also, this topic is 8 months old. Please don’t necropost.



I know but I have this problem, and wanted to discuss about/with sellers that are not ready to get realistic reviews. That’s a problem here.

It’s very hard to let realistic and nice reviews. I’ve been both, a freelancer, and a buyer. So I know that letting a bad review could be very hard for a freelancer, but as a buyer, if the quality is low, I cannot lie to other customers. That’s very very hard to find the nice way to say bad things.

“The 4* reviews aren’t about the quality of the work.”
So, about what?

Re read his reply and you will find out why he does not want to continue to deal with those who give less than a 5.

While I agree, if a seller delivers poor work, they should be rated low, a buyer who is rating a 4 star because he thinks it will “incentivize” the seller to improve is just nuts.


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If you want to discuss your specific situation you just need to create your own new topic.


Yes, they are. And sellers are free not to work with buyers they no longer want to work with.

And besides, if you feel that work is bad and you leave an honest review, why would you care if that seller blocked you? You wouldn’t want to work with them again anyway.