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That star rating that displays on the search results page


Needs to go.

This is not a suggestion. This is a rant.

It is absolutely stupid having it there.

I am not fussed about getting more orders at the moment. However, since that star rating thing was added CLICKS on my gig went down by three-quarters. Impressions stayed the same, but people see that 4.5 and think “hell nah”. Yet, the people who have 5.0 ratings with just a couple of dozen sales gets the clicks (I asked them)

It is a silly idea, because it places a massive focus on the star rating rather than orders completed etc.

I have not had a need to pause my gig in like…3 days, because of it. In recent weeks, I have been pausing every couple of hours for a day.


Fiverr have now removed the seller responses to feedback from the app. That is another big gripe as you now can’t see the sellers respond to the buyers when they have a negative feedback. It isn’t a big issue for me because I have like…2 actual negatives. For other sellers though, that is gonna be a bit crap.