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That stupid "Delivery" question! (This is more of whinge than anything constructive)

New here. Ordered an orchestral composition service and very happy with the outcome so far, but my gripe is with Fiverr itself, not the person I hired.

I forget how the question is worded exactly, but for a newcome like me, it’s super-confusing. I seem to remember it’s two questions in one, like “Are you happy and ready to accept?” (or something like that). That whole question needs revising from the ground up. It needs to be more like “Would you like more work to be done on your project?” (or something).

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only newbie that’s felt this way.

My experience was that I clicked “Yes” thinking that’s I should answer before moving onto the final step. I didn’t realise that clicking the “Yes” button was basically “Deal sealed, case closed.” :roll_eyes:

So annoying! :triumph:


Uh, pretty sure it says something along the lines of “Are you happy with your order and ready to accept delivery?”

I don’t recall the exact words, but I think it was pretty clear how to answer. Afaik, the seller can only mark as delivered. Any revisions you will need to sort out before delivery. I think you could have clicked “No” and you would have gotten more revisions.

Though perhaps, yes, they could add another prompt before full delivery, where they ask you “Do you want any more revisions or are you ready to proceed with delivery?”


There used to be a confirmation after you clicked “Yes” to “Are you pleased with the delivery and ready to approve t?”. The confirmation said “Got everything you need? Great! Once you accept this delivery, your order will be marked as complete…” and giving the option to “Approve Final Delivery” or “Cancel”. I don’t know if it’s changed from that. If it has they could put that confirmation back.


It used to be “do you need more revisions” or something of the sort which, I’m sure, contributed to the revision button getting abused regardless of how many rounds of revisions the seller was offering (if any at all).

I’m glad to see fiverr decided to try something fresh the hints more towards closing the order as opposed to doing more work.


I think the wording is great. It’s concise and friendly. There is no ambiguity.

As @lenasemenkova has pointed out, the previous wording almost compelled some buyers to request a revision - putting additional pressure on sellers and no doubt leading to rise in customer support tickets.