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That's Just Downright Annoying

I’ve been here long enough to know when a buyer may be trying to pull something shady, but this one kinda took the cake. I get an article from a V.I.D. buyer (yeah that is just a crap title I am sure), but I get an order and she has me doing one article. After I finally get a moment to contact her, she had already contracted someone else to do this same article (but forgot to tell me). Luckily, I hadn’t started on it yet.

Then, she sends me another article more than 700 words and said she’d pay however I felt needed doing such as through a TIP… meaning I wouldn’t get the full amount I would be owed based on the word count.

I send her a custom offer for an additional $15.

She huffs at that saying, on her end, it’s just too much for a simple article. A simple article of 1150 words. Really? It states on my gig that the charges are based on the word count. All of a sudden, $15 (plus $2 fee) is too much. She’s claiming that the extra $15 along with the original $15 comes out to be $47 for her. I am sure this is a conversion issue on her end. This is not including the fees and tips. I am not sure quite I get that completely even with a conversion, but whatever.

Still, she thinks $30 is too much for a simple article. I love it when buyers saying something is simple because oftentimes, it’s not. Also, guess the fact that I pay fees and only get $24 back and Copyscape fees too mean nothing. I also don’t use spinner software and have to come up with how to word something myself.

Her loss!

I sent a message to CS to cancel this order, as I have already tried to reason with her about the thing but she’s adamant it’s just too much. I told her I would let CS cancel it. My thinking, and something I told CS, is that I feel she was trying to pay me the bare minimum for a large article, promising a tip because she thought I’d believe her.

Honestly, I’ve seen too many buyers trying that scam. I don’t believe it when I see/hear it. Honestly, if I was a newbie seller or desperate for money, I could have fallen for it. But this year marks 11 years on Fiverr, I’m no newbie and I’m not falling for that line.

UGH! Rant over!


I hear ya. This is just scammy and I bet if a seller tried that they would get a strike.

Too many Top Scavengers and VD Ids are a total PITA. they get their badge for Fiverr liking their income, fair enough, but Fiverr really needs to start looking at the opportunity cost they are bringing on themselves with their Social Engineering activities where they post a TOS then only handle it sporadically, whenever it suits their short-term situation, no matter the long-term issues they create for themselves.


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Got a rapid reply from Fiverr about my situation. My customer service agent was Matija. It was obvious that she actually read the order review and cancelled it without an impact to my stats. That was awesome. It’s a rarity when Fiverr CS actually reads the complaint and then goes back over the order as well to ensure everything was on the up and up. Here’s what she sent me back:

Thank you for sharing this with me, I will gladly review the order for you and assist!

After checking this order for you, I see that the buyer placed it before contacting you and checking whether you are available at the moment. Now, as they handed that project to someone else in the meantime they offered you rewrite them something else that contains more words for the same price and after you offered them a Gig extra that would compensate for this, they refuse to continue working on this order with you.

Due to this, I have gone ahead and canceled this order per your request. As for your cancellation rate, I am sure that you already know that this is an automated process that can include all cancellations in it, based on many factors. However, I have checked on this for you too, and from what I can see, it seems that this order is not impacting it.

In regard to the buyer’s behavior, I understand that it is not completely professional so, I went ahead and forwarded their profile to the relevant department for review but, please bear in mind that I won’t be able to disclose any information about it as every user’s account information is considered private.

Let me know if any of the above is unclear and, in case you have any other questions, do feel free to ask them all by replying to this ticket, until then,

All the best.

Such a rarity to see such clarity, but boy, was it sure nice!


Wow great moderation, Matija. Maybe there is hope after all