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Thats NOT FAIR ! 3gigs=$0

The last 5 days i havent any orders at all and previously i averaged 2 to 3 orders.A week ago i had a transcription gig and one person bought 3 gigs and when i finished his orders which were good by the way he wanted me to modify my work i did that for at least 4 times and at a point i realized that my transcription was perfect from the beggining and that he wanted these 3 gigs for free that meant 2 hours of my work to go wastelless so i told him i dont want to cancel the order and he just gave me 3 consecutive bad reviews which diminished my chances of getting any orders at all so i wanted to start from the bottom deleted my gig and create some others to get some positive reviews and reach my at least 95% goal.What do you think i should have done or do now? Tell me everything that comes in your mind.How i should treat these situationf if they happen again in the future?And how should i get some orders now that i have a bad rating?

There are thousands of discussions about this very issue on the forums. Please use the search box or just read through a few pages of threads because this is a very common problem.

Since you deleted the gig, I couldn’t read the description, but after reading your OTHER transcription gig, I have to wonder: did you say how many modifications you would do? Some people do limitless modifications, they don’t mind and they want happy customers, but obviously you don’t want to do that since it was an issue for you and got you 3 bad reviews. So in your gig description you should clearly state : includes up to (2 or whatever) modifications. You may lose some business (because now your potential buyers are forewarned that they might get work that they won’t be completely satisfied with) but at least you’ll have fewer misunderstandings and also have a legitimate reason to ask Customer Service to remove a bad review (not that they always will do that but if you can show that you didn’t break any terms of your gig, you’re more likely to get them to do so).

You should have contacted fiverr support. They would be able to remove negative reviews if there was some sort of prove you delivered what you promised. It’s not flawless system and buyers have power over sellers… yes. And even if your description said exactly how many modifications you do, most wouldn’t read it anyway.

Just try to solve such things with Fiverr. I guess there’s no other help. :C

leftavg, maybe it’s because you are a spammer.

I’ve personally received 2 spams from you in the past day.

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I know I’ve marked you as spam, so I won’t be contacted by you anymore…If you do this to everyone here and they all block you, who’s left so sell to. See my point?

To add to other points, how can you offer a transcription service when you can’t spell the title of your gig correctly?

"accuretely transcribe 5 minutes of any audio or video for $5"

How can people put their trust in you, when you can’t spellcheck your own service?

Also, 5 minutes of audio for $5 is really poor. I could find a dozen higher-rated sellers who offer 30 minutes or more for the same price. If you need higher ratings, you need to provide a better service.

thank you all very useful advice definetely answered all my questions thank you again:)

Reply to @mrproofreading: I daresay we aren’t the ones to judge how much work the person does for 5 dollars. I also don’t judge people from poor countries who paint realistic portraits for 5 dollars, making it impossible for others to compete with them, just because they obviously don’t mind to spend 3+ hours for 4 dollars. It’s their decision and it doesn’t make someone asking 100 dollars for the same wrong.

liquidlettuce i dont spam i just want to get noticed i will not send my links again to people i am a human just like you and i dont know everything like you

Welcome to the free market. As @mrproofreading said, if you can’t spell the title of your gig correctly, people won’t trust you to do a good job. In addition, your forum posts lack proper grammar, punctuation and use of capitalization. Maybe you should try offering services better suited to your skills.

you’re right i am from Greece my main language isn’t english but i give my 100% to be the best seller i can possibly be and if i make some mistakes regarding vocabulary or grammar then after some mistakes i will autofix myself and i wont commit again these mistakes meaning after some time i will improve and that’s my Goal.

@leftavg - I don’t think people are questioning if you give 100%.

The problem is if English isn’t your first language, and you’re not that good at it then why would you offer a gig transcribing? You don’t generally add gigs consisting of things you are not good at.

The thing is that my transcriptions were very well and i have lots of english certificates so i only make some minor mistakes that i let ms word fix for me

you need to promote your gig on social networks and forums.

yes this is what i’m searching now in the sellers forum.

Reply to @leftavg: Why are you spamming? Sorry but you wont get any sales by spamming your gig link in conversations.

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