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That's Probably The Worst Thing Fiverr Could Do

Order completed. I am trying to reach out to a customer to ask him if everything was fine with the delivered files.

And I see this:

ALERT! : [user name] may not be contacted at this time.

What the heck is this?

I have never seen that again. I suppose it’s a new change. I contacted Customer Support. They told me the following:

““Unfortunately, sellers cannot contact buyers directly on our website. The only way to communicate with a buyer is if an order is initiated, a “Conversation” thread is created and you will be able to communicate with the buyer through order page and inbox. If the order is cancelled or completed, you won’t have the option to contact your buyer anymore, unfortunately. You may also contact the buyer if the buyer contacts you first.””


Question A: How am I supposed to reach out to a customer who leaves negative feedback so I can help him with his order?

Question B: How am I supposed to follow up on completed orders to see if everything was fine with the delivery?

Question C: What’s the point of not being able to contact the people I already worked with?

Fellow Sellers, I would appreciate your thoughts.

Did this happen to you as well?



This must be another new change.
“If the order is cancelled or completed, you won’t have the option to contact your buyer anymore, unfortunately.”

I just sent a message to a buyer I recently delivered an order to and had no message like this. It went through just fine, and we have never had any conversation in our inboxes.
So either it has not been yet rolled out to everyone or it is just for you.

Sometimes a buyer notifies me I made a mistake on the order after it is completed but without using the modification button so this would leave no way to message the buyer with the correction.

What is with all the new impediments to usability?

There seems to be a lot of changes taking place at the moment. Traffic gigs are no longer being brought up by searches, everyone’s having packages thrust on them and I personally don’t like the new messaging system one bit…

Obviously, the overall goal will be to increase revenues across the board but one does wonder if there is any kind of consultation process with sellers or whether (gulp) changes simply come about due to high flying execs scheduling meeting after meeting about what the next meeting is going to be about?

That said, I will be in favour of the change in question if it stops spam finally.

Customer Support would have told me if that was a bug or anything that happened only to me.

I could also contact some of my customers even if the order was completed. Yet, I have faced this issue ONLY with some of them.

I agree with you that it doesn’t make any sense at all to work this way. That’s the reason I started this thread. To raise awareness about this and probably get rid of this new feature, because as it seems it impairs usability.

How is this supposed to stop spam?

If you have worked with someone in the past, you should be able to contact him anytime - or at least in the 3-4 first weeks after the order is completed.

It could be a possibility that you buyer may have violated one of fiverr’s TOS.

I was thinking that too, but there’s a whole other message for that (“for privacy reasons…”). This does seem a bit weird. It’s nice to know our 20% is being used for such vital upgrades to the system though :stuck_out_tongue:

high flying execs scheduling meeting after meeting about what the next meeting is going to be about? It’s someone’s job to come up with changes and they are going to do the job they were given. The idea is submitted to the programmers and it gets done, no questions asked.

Unfortunately this person does not actually use the site.
The problem is spam in the messaging system from sellers to previous buyers?
Simple solution is implemented: stop allowing sellers to message previous buyers.
Problem solved.

That does make sense. There’s also the apparent “beta test” of buyer review visibility that is only for “select” sellers so maybe this is it too. Personally, I like my idea of fining all and any violations of Fiverr rules with a $5 fine per offense (to go to charity, as Fiverr has an excellent record there). Listen carefully, and you can hear the sound of 1001 furious complaints tapping in the wind…but you can bet 99% of people would stop doing whatever they’re not meant to be doing!

The broken response rate feature could fine everyone $5 for each percentage point that drops below 100% resulting in daily fines that increase every day as the response rate rings up record profits for fiverr .

This is why I should be hired by Fiverr. Instead of rabble rousing, I would just suggest evil new features that made Fiverr millions :wink:

But yeah, good point. I was thinking more of the buyer requests issue which is where I usually bring this idea up but it wouldn’t work at all with the response rate thing–I got docked 2% on that because I couldn’t be arsed to respond to pointless queries this past Sunday. Perhaps the pointless query askers should also be fined :wink:

Besides, I have long argued for localized translation of the rules for the hard of English speaking. Not some copy-paste shit from AltaVista/GT. They couldn’t even do it right for Dutch. Imagine it with Marathi or some other language most people have never heard of.

EDIT: I meant in the western world. Most westerners know what Dutch is, but I bet a fair chunk would think Marathi is like Klingon or a chocolate bar–a reflection on dropping educational standards and bigotry more than anything.

I speak a bit of Marathi :slight_smile:

"As previously stated, sellers and buyers are able to communicate only through the order page and inbox while the order is active. If the order is cancelled or completed, you won’t have the option to contact your buyer anymore, unfortunately. You may also contact the buyer if the buyer contacts you first.

Regarding your inquiry about the feedbacks, we would highly recommend an active communication with your buyers while the order is active. If you experience any issue regarding your communication with your buyers or cannot reach out to them, please contact us so that we can assist you on any matter."

Customer Support’s new reply.

So, as it seems - we are supposed to contact CS each time we get a 1,2 3 or 4 star review instead of being able to contact our customers and help them?

“Stop allowing sellers to contact previous buyers” => how does this solve the spam issue?

I would get it if we couldn’t contact people we haven’t worked with. I don’t get this one though.

There was another thread where people kept saying they send messages to previous buyers. They seem to not realize it’s spam.

I figured you might :wink:

“I am just reaching out to people and being friendly and letting them know about my awesome new service–I’m not a spammer!”

Does he score any points with you for that? :slight_smile:

Oh, I suppose I can afford to gift a shiny point out in this particular case. How about a little gold star, like when you’ve been a very good little boy or girl in elementary school and the teacher is really proud of you?