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THAT'S TRUE ? " I will make whiteboard animation in a unique style ."

News flash:5b6de34e7810ef8043e98898f1d3c111
hello,I am a dynamic “whiteboard video” vendor on fiverr, with a stunning innovativeness and commitment for “explainer video” with “scribe animation”.

If you don’t mind observe on a portion of my samples
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In addition to that:
An order will finalize via an amazing “customer offer” that will have many “free services”.

strong text

Most importantly:
please do visit below

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It would have been cool if this was your actual studio, but it’s just a photo from unsplash :disappointed:
Why do you get our hopes up?

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public knew about it?:zipper_mouth_face:

Look, most likely you won’t become a TRS any time soon as you’re in a very competitive market and you’re using a software that anyone can use. However, you could make a relatively decent income if you knew how to market your service.

Personally I think you should take some courses on animation & design, but let’s leave that to the side for a moment.

Here are the main issues with your gigs

  • Misleading gig description. You’re promising unique videos while you’re using VideoScribe templates. If you want to use templates, that’s fine. Focus on the value of your service not the style of your videos or how you make them.
  • Your portfolio is rather weak. Get rid of the stock photos. Use infographics that explain your services or the value you bring to your clients. If you’re not good at creating cover images then hire someone.
  • Your English won’t improve overnight, but if you sign up for some courses and use a spell checker, you can fix at least half the mistakes. Some of your posts are even difficult to understand so I can’t imagine how you can offer writing services of any kind. If I was you, I would drop that CV gig instantly. It’s just a matter of time before you get a negative review from that.

You can take this feedback and work on your skills or not. It’s up to you.



sir! thanks for your deepest concern and elaborated answer, but the point is do you ever overlook new marketing tactics?

Before you even get to marketing you have to have a decent service/product to sell :wink:
Start with that and then focus on marketing.



i am bit weird like a newton, so always take my chances.:sweat_smile:

@uxreview need your critics


It is an improvement, from your current portfolio.

You may be able to make a few sales, but why settle for a few clients who will pay you $5 per gig. Leave your gigs active, but don’t waste any time on marketing. Instead spend every minute of your free time on upskilling.

First I would recommend taking a few design courses. You can add animation courses later, but start with the design basics. Look around, I’m sure you can find some free ones as well.

I hope you don’t take it in the wrong way :slight_smile:
A lot of the experienced sellers take courses all the time to keep up with the latest advancements in their niche. Don’t waste your time on this forum. Come back when you’ve reached the level where you can sell your service for more than $5 :wink:


@uxreview bundle of thanks to you, i am trying to learn as you have directed, but in addition with it , i will always welcome your critic as my main source of learning.:kissing_closed_eyes: