Thats why I have Trust issues!


I’m newbie here and recently a buyer asked me to show him samples before order and after I showed him almost 3 samples he said that he want 5 more customized free samples with his desired text and company logo.And he is asking me for samples again again without even ordering!
What will you do in this situation​:expressionless::expressionless:


Do not give sample work to buyers if he ask for sample share your portfolio of recent work with the buyer


Politely inform the “buyer” that you don’t offer free custom samples, and send him a custom offer.

Also, remember that someone is only a buyer if they actually buy something.


Agree With @catwriter


Nope! Nope! Nope! You should have directly sent an order for logo concepts. And later send another order if they decide to hire you for their project. You should never work for free.


I also sent him an offer and politely asked him that if you want customized designs then you have to buy gig but he is insisting me to do work for free!!


I guess you can politely explain that you’re unable to help him because you don’t offer free custom design, and wish him the best of luck with his project.


Refuse. That’s the first step. Not only are you undervaluing your ability, you are undermining all who sell on Fiverr.


Say no and tell him that if you find he is using the samples you have already provided, you will be filing a takedown request with Google.


In the past I had a sample gig, so I could buyers who asked for a sample to order that gig for just $5,-


hmm, I don’t give samples anymore… 700 reviews are enough to give them an idea…


Never give samples of logos,other designs as they are ideas. Many of our members as they said so know you may know this too so beware. Don’t give any rude explanations or talks as that will be filed against you not him.
Be clever next time.:hugs:


I don’t think the person really wants to buy from you. I also want agree @catwriter.


Don’t ever send complete work. If it can be used, it will.


You’re right @voiceoverphil.


What a reply this is @zubairfb! Instead of showing them samples, you show them the reviews.