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That's why you never get new sellers

Recently I offer a job to a designer to hand draw 3 botanic for the my packaging . I insist to have original design due to avoid copyright issue and the designer agree on it.

The designer submit the work few days later . However, I was discover that the designs were copied . I have paid for the offer USD150 for the copied drawing! And the best is the designer claims this is his work !?

I’ve requested the designer to cancel the order ( almost 10 times a days) but the designer keep reject my request.

Now I aware that fiverr has many fake designer which make the seller not to offer the job anymore.

This fake designer not only cheat the money but also spoil the market . This make the real designers suffer from earning money from this platform.

Hope you guys is aware this issue and take the action against the fake or rather has to say the scammer .

Mod Note: It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to Customer Support if the user has actually violated the Fiverr Terms of Service, but the public forum is not the right place for name call-outs


I feel your pain having paid $150 for a copy cat design. And I’m sorry, but not all designers on Fiverr are like that. Maybe you worked with a beginner or the person was just arrogant. Fiverr has many skilled freelancers who respect their work and I’m sure you will come to see that one day.

For your trouble, you should visit the Resolution Center or Contact Customer Support. Fiverr is the best freelance platform, I’m sure if you look further you will find that skilled freelancer that fits your needs.

Best Regards,


Hi, Thanks for your sharing , but too bad once the platform reputation damage, no new seller will come forward.


Although you claim to have had a bad experience, the seller isn’t here to defend himself and give a right of reply. It’s not good to name and same in this way.


Well, that’s what you say. I think it depends on ones professionalism, creativity and hard work. You just got one bad luck from Fiverr, that doesn’t mean all Fiverr Sellers are that way. Don’t judge a book by it’s first few pages.

I wish you will get your refund and find another qualified seller to do your project.

Best luck,


Very clear that the seller is not honest or respect the work. Copy cat the work and ask for defend and ask for payment ?

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Okay, I’ll be more clear. You broke Fiverr’s community guidelines.


Unfortunately some new sellers think that it’s ok to steal someone’s work (and we even saw it here on the forum that some sellers were even trying to argue with us that they are not doing anything wrong with copying someone else’s work)

Fiverr has a lot of sellers joining platform daily and it’s difficult to keep an eye on everyone. So if you had that experience please report such sellers to fiverr support team.


We are not Fiverr Staff.
So, you will need to create a support ticket and inform them about your experience.

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It’s better before you order several designs, you try to buy 1 design first from the seller. If the results of the work are according to your wishes, please place an order again. However, you should not try to preview a sample job at your request before placing an order. That will reduce losses afterwards.
Not all new sellers are like that. At the time you just meet the wrong seller.


yes, you are right, I make a mistake because I trust Fiverr is is professional platform for professional designers. I didnt expect that there is scam here. too bad my luck here.

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Hi , thank you for your advise. Yes, I did send a report but yet get any reply from Fiverr. My money was pending and I cant hire other designers.

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Hi, Thank you , I will report that and keep this platform safe to other sellers and professional designers.

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too bad cannot show that scammer information, hope other seller may not fall in the trap like me .

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Too bad cannot show that COPY CAT designer profile, hope new comers will not fall in the trap like me!

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Fiverr is a professional platform. But they can’t vet millions of gigs. It’s up to the buyer to do that for himself by asking for samples, checking reviews, etc.


Hello @chongleong.

Every market and every business has frauds and scammers.
Unfortunately, Fiverr has no vetting process at all for sellers so people can put anything and everything in their description and portfolio and start selling.

There is no way you can know that the sellers are real designer, even if he/she has good reviews, label of PRO, TRS or Level seller, and even sellers with 5000 reviews can be frauds and scammers.

The best way to protect yourself when purchasing design is to scan the image with Google image search and look for design online. If you are using browser it will give you good results, but if you have android or windows phones with Chrome browser and Google account you can scan each individual portion of photo and search it online.

Only after the search proves your design is no where on the internet you could have 80% reassurance your seller delivered original work. The 20% could be he is just good at modifying what is available on internet and delivering that. And ONLY THEN accept delivery.

Also portfolios could be misleading too. I had a couple of buyers who wanted me to use stock footage. Since I have a premium license and commercial rights I delivered. But in my portfolio, it looks like I delivered stock footage and the client paid for original work. No, not all clients want original work, some have their heart set on something they found on the internet and you can not do anything about it.

In your case, ask CS for refund with the reasons you listed here and for sure you will get it.

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I’m sorry for this bad experience
I appologize in his behalf

Because he is damaging our image we sellers
Although I’m not a designer I’m a writer but we are all the same

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I oppose you, it’s not about being new to fiverr or old it’s about your skill

Some newbie here even have good works than the old ones

Yes, I agree with Abdulicon, its all about the skills and honestly. Buyers come here to seek professional services, and not here for the copy cat work. I respect those designers with their own skills to proof their work.