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The #1 Most Important thing to do when posting a Fiverr Gig!

Hello Fellow Fiverrs, I’m new on the block and I want to get feedback from seasoned Fiverrs on the most important thing(s) to do when posting gigs.

Multiple gig posts? Gig Extras? What works for you? What to do…what not to do. Look forward to the Tips & Feedback.


Even though your title looks like you are going to offer a tip instead of ask for one, I will give you my best tip for a to-do list. My suggestion is to read more on the forum, read the forum Do’s and Dont’s, check out the Fiverr Academy and read up on the Fiverr blog and help pages. There are literally hundreds (at least) of tips already on the forum.

If you click the Discussions hyperlink above, the first set of posts you see vary from old to new but have tons of good advice for new sellers. By reading a while before asking questions, you can do your fellow sellers and buyers a favor by not asking for a repeat of tips that have been offered time and time again. Good luck!

I’m not necessarily seasoned on Fiverr, but I think one of the most important things when posting gigs is properly and effectively illustrating the benefits and value of your gig to your target customers. If you can’t even show your gig has value, then all other things you add on your gig are secondary.

So basically copywriting. If you’re not good with copywriting there are plenty on Fiverr that will do it for you. I don’t offer a service like that, so good luck!