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The $1 Off

I think that instead of an $1 off, you could just take of $0.50 and add some ads in to replace the amount of money lost! Each $5 gig became $4 and then get 8 cents off by PayPal so I only earn $3.92 per gig. I think that adding ads and lowering the amount taken away would be a great idea.

While I do feel 20% commission is slightly too much, I don’t think Fiverr should reduce it and replace it with ads.
Ads will put off buyers.
I absolutely hate seeings advertisements on sites and I’m sure there are others like me.
The place should look professional and clean - advertisements make it look the opposite.

Once you level up, you will start getting bigger orders. Then you won’t feel so bad about the commission.
Also, withdraw a lot of money to save on PayPal fees.
For example, if you withdraw above $50 - PayPal only takes away $1.

This is a smart and interesting idea to offset the $1 off. Think of some other methods to that may not involve ad’s and you could have something ready to be started!!

-FiverGraphics5 (