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The #1 Tip To Get A Positive Feedback

The story begins when someone orders your gig…you then of course get very excited or not(this is bad).Let’s suppose you do a good work and deliver the gig to your buyer BUT he doesn’t rate you AT ALL !

There is one thing you must and that is to be generous(this applies to everything).The guy that ordered YOUR gig chose you and only you after some thousand other gigs.You must accept the fact that the other guy (the buyer) wants not only a good delivery of the work he asked but he also needs a big << Thank so much for ordring from me >>

that shows you are a good seller and good person at the same time and that may lead he to order again the next time he wants something from fiverr.

So to sum it all up be generous, kind and cheerful and I promise you will see a big turnaround on your gig’s ratings !

Thank you.

Yes you’re right in all you have said in your post, I do all of this, but what do you do if after all this you still have one negative review.

Reply to @ecoverfuture: In the case you are a kind,generous seller and you provide a good delivery and you still get a negative review then the best thing to do in my opinion is to cancel the order…it does not worth a 5-20-100 $ gig to destroy your rating and make you seem a bad seller.That’s what I believe.