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The “10 Commandments” all successful entrepreneurs follow—are you?

You might not think of yourself as an entrepreneur like Richard Branson (Virgin), or even Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). You’re working from home trying to make a good income from Fiverr to supplement your lifestyle.

But what if you could the entrepreneurial mind-set to your own benefit? Here’s 10 Commandments that really sum up what success in business is all about. Doubtless you are practicing some already, but which do you need to work on more?

  1. Be a risk-taker calculated risks offer rewards far greater than the softer option. Step outside your comfort zone
  2. Conquer your fear a fear of success cripples many—smash through those barriers
  3. Master your inner boss we’ve all had days where work seems like an unendingly tedious grind. Self-discipline is vital when you don’t have a real boss to yell at you
  4. hold your faith believe in yourself, your abilities and your right to become successful at what you do
  5. what comes around, goes around helping others is a key to building a strong network. Don’t expect anything in return: you’re building your social capital here.
  6. learn from your mistakesif you don’t do this, you’re welcome to keep banging your head on a brick wall
  7. I love it when a plan comes together make a plan and stick to it. Don’t overthink the plan. Just set it up, execute it and see how it works. Rinse and repeat until success!
  8. the more you put in, the more you get out constantly be working to improve your knowledge of business processes, your industry and related fields.
  9. work on data, not feelings make your plans and actions based on scientific
  10. be a team player business doesn’t have to be lonely—and having a team and helping others makes the journey a lot more fulfilling

These aren’t strictly my tips. I found them on L*nkedIn, home of the online entrepreneur. If you’d like to read a more in-depth account (like, I estimate about 20 pages of info!), just click the link:

One bonus tip from me while you’re over at L*nkedIn is to leverage this social network site to bring business to Fiverr. Write your own insightful articles, or find companies/individuals with problems that your talents can solve. You can then bring them to Fiverr and harvest great reviews from them! This tactic doesn’t just work with Fiverr—it works with your own business too. Just remember: there’s a fine line between spam and helpfulness, so do this on LinkedIn’s forums and spend time building up your brand as an authority in your industry.

I hope all this helps. Now, if anyone has questions, just ask me below—I will NOT respond to any unsolicited spam in my inbox, and you will be reported. OK?

P.S. If you can spot the one bit of dishonesty in this post, share it :slight_smile:

200+ views and zero comments? Didn’t read the post yet, will read when I have time, but found this interesting.

People are thirsty for my advice, Writer–not to mention I can craft a headline that suckers people in :wink:

Do read the post though–mine doesn’t really go into any detail, but you’ll find a lot of great advice there, especially if you’re thinking about branding out and building an eBook business empire :slight_smile:

Good points. You put the 10 commandments into your own words. The points were the same as in the article, but you gave the link to them and gave them credit so it’s not really dishonest but that’s the only thing I could find.

I like how you emphasized the first words of each point by making them bold–good job!

Gave you a thumbs up increasing your social capital by one, now lets see if it goes around!

One thing I’ve noticed lately. People comment on ‘‘advice posts’’ from newbies who have no idea about Fiverr rules, but don’t even bother reading the information from experienced sellers. Why?

I agree with you about l*nkedin. I used to get a lot of sales on fiverr from there. People used to state I read blah, blah when ordering . Used to because I have not posted in some time. Be careful what you write though because if you write crap you are toast, done. If you can show you do know about the services you are providing and make connections you will get business from there. Don’t go on there & write drivel like " I am expert in xyz, please order my useless crap" because you will get laughed out of the building and ignored. If you provide something of value you will get sales and don’t copy and pasta other peoples content on there either as the truth will always out.

Oh, who knows. You always know when it’s going to be a bad advice thread when the first tip is “put up a gig”. That’s not advice! That’s Selling on Fiverr 101!

Thanks for the great tips! I am fighting with number 3 at the moment. All I want to do today is nap… :stuck_out_tongue:

@markp exactly! However, there is always an element of copy pasta when giving free advice. Whether that’s PLR (reworked or not), the main thing to focus on is giving value with that copy. Some people might have chosen to take this information and paste it as their own over a period of days while raking in an email list, which is even more valuable than a good LinkedIn standing, I’d say.

Obviously, this wouldn’t happen on Fiverr as it’s clearly against TOS.

Thank you :slight_smile: I appreciate this more than you know!

Well, I wouldn’t want someone to come and accuse me of copyright theft or plagiarism, would I? Besides, the tips in full are far too long to post here, so better to leave a link so people can just take a look when they have time (or if they want to spend time reading the whole thing, for that matter).

Yeah, my inner boss loves to wander off and waste time on the forum when I have copy to write. Deadlines are my friend when it comes to kicking my arse in gear!

I have to say, that’s one of the best parts of Fiverr–deadlines. Without them I’d be all over the place, especially with the volume of orders I have.

Personally, I love the thrill of getting an order done with T-minus ten minutes to a deadline. Afterwards, I go and have a smoke on the balcony, promise myself I’ll never do it again no matter how good the adrenaline rush feels, and then go right back to being naughty again.

With a cigar in the right hand and a glass of brandy in the left one.