The 12 Secret Marketing strategies to Sell More?


How can you be more productive with your Sale on Fiver?

My name is Matthias, marketing consultant and life coach, and here are my tips to you:

#1 Be and Stay Zen. in other world, be unattached to the end results. In a state of allowing more can come.

#2 Select your Gig that you are passionate about, the more it comes from your heart, and includes your excitement the more success you can have

#3 After you know your topic, what to Offer, check similar gigs what you can learn from them, and in which category are they promoting

#4 TELL A STORY, if you are giving a service, you can give examples how you helped some cases

#5 Always Over Deliver what you promis. Surprise your custumer, with new information, or do a better job they would expact. Be amazing, and they will come back to you!

#6 Ask for Reference, if you over Delivered your promisse, and they are satisfied ask for referall. Everyone love to support those who great, and deliver great service. + Remember: Ask, and you shall Recive

#7 Have a Picture of you. If you have a professional, It looks professional. In the Same time, put there something just from your day or how you adress them on the video call. Photo with Iphone Casual, can somethimes make better results. Brian Tracy had one time professional Studio Video, and had much less clicks than on "iphone quality" videos. People can somethimes more relate you with that photo. The Best is Both.

#8 If you deliver your gig via skype, make sure you Dress Proper to your Gig. Metters a lot.

#9 If you put a Gig on, and doesn't sale, change it. Master it. Action Action Action. Put new one, you can only find the best selling categhory and title and description if you are creative and constantly try out new once

#10 KNow your Custumers before you start with the Gig. It can help you writing a discription better.

#11 Put your Gig on, before its Perfect. We tend to wait till things are perfect. Just Put it on, and you can master it.. The Chance you have more when it is on

#12 Ask always your custumers for feedbeck! Very important: How did they like your Gig, and what is that they liked how can it be better

I hope you find my taughts helpful and you can implement the once productive to you.

Let me know your taughts,

To your Success,


PS: If you take my Marketing Gig, I can share with you more secrets to Sale. Your investment will return fast if your offer product or Service. Its not for everybody, you decide to be the one.


Great Tips! So often I try and make things perfect before making the offer!


Great tips! Very useful.



Hi and welcome! Thanks for your post.

While I think it could argued successfully that your 12 tips are not actually “secrets”, but really a summarization of some common sense ideas and opinions so many of us have expounded on at length on the forum. It is however, very refreshing to have a new voice put the ideas in a new light.

Thanks and good luck! :slight_smile:


Reply to @jpreay: Thank you