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The 2 week algorithm to get back to normal. It takes 2 weeks for sales to restart after vac or late delivery?

This happened to you? You go on Vacation. Once back, it takes 2 weeks for any messages or orders to start? Have a late order? Get the 10% warning?. Bam! Again 2 weeks of silence?

Anyone know how this works?


If you are away from Fiverr, and you put your gig into vacation/out-of-office mode, your gig is not gaining any stats while you are gone. You can’t expect the system (which is based upon gig stats) to immediately reinsert your gig into the search results where you left off. Similarly, when bad things happen (i.e., warnings, late orders, etc), your gig stats could suffer a bit.

Now that you are back (and/or recovering from negative consequences), you are going to have to go through the process of improving your stats, visits, views, visibility, etc that make your gig stand out again. There is no set time-frame for this to happen. But you can certainly improve the traffic to your gig by marketing and promoting it to the people who need your services (and this may help kick-start your stats again).

So it sounds like this is happened to you yes?

Carl M. England

This happens to everyone.

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I can neither confirm nor deny this. However, I have heard plenty of stories from other sellers as well, so, I can also confirm that this happens to many people (as @fonthaunt noted). There is nothing unusual about your situation. But you can overcome it… with dedicated, determined marketing work.

I’ve gone on a vacation for less than a week and things started up right away upon my return. I think the time you are gone matters a lot with a few days vacation not as much of an impact as over a week.

Each individual seller has different experiences. If I go on vacation, I get orders the same day or the day after I turn vacation off.

It depends on the demand for what you’re selling, rating, popularity, etc.

By the way, when I search “jingle,” you appear on the third row. So your sales slump probably has to do with the number of people searching “jingle” over your vacation or late delivery.

I’m going through the same, my gig is on the first row but my last order was yesterday from Buyers Requests.

Same here. The longest I was gone was a month and it didn’t make a difference for me either.

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I’m quoting myself after reading some other comments to clarify. I do agree with fastcopywriter that everyone has different experiences and I don’t think that everyone has some exact 2 week delay after a vacation or a warning. What I meant by my statement is that overall statistics often affect ranking and sales in varied ways, so everyone has that experience.

Some people that go on out of office mode may not have any issues because they have returning buyers or there are other factors that keep them on track. I think that most people will see an impact if they get warnings, deliver very late or are away for a long time. Everyone is affected by change on Fiverr, one way or the other.

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Yeah, I was on vacation for just over two weeks and things picked up again quite quickly. I think your situation is important here - everyone will have a different experience when coming back from vacation.

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