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The 20 character thread


[20 Characters] Rule 01 No punctuations
[20 Characters] Rule 02 Space dont count
[20 Characters] Rule 03 Must relate to 5R
[20 Characters] Rule 04 No emoji allowed
[20 Characters] Rule 5 Only 20 character

[20 Characters] Here is what I have so far

[20 Characters] DJ lost his head in Texas
[20 Characters] Mila loves to translate
[20 Characters] Jenny the psychicbunny
[20 Characters] Writer nine 9 zero 2 five
[20 Characters] Maddie loves her horsie
[20 Characters] Crystal will cast spell
[20 Characters] Zeus live in Tokyo Japan
[20 Characters] Annai does chipmunk vos
[20 Characters] Prounounce Eoin as Owen

[20 Characters] Display buyers reviews
[20 Characters] Millionaires 5 at a time
[20 Characters] Paypal chargeback suck
[20 Characters] I want five star reviews

[20 Characters] I am new how to get orders
[20 Characters] I am TRS read 5Rs academy

[20 Characters] Capitalquality from NZ
[20 Characters] Why such a long username


Gina Riley why no Smiley


Gina has a superfluous 2


Gina has a new goldn logo <<<<< 20 characters :sweat_smile:


These are 20 characters


Uh, 17 characters, you go to Fiverr Jail!! :grin:


look again…? :rolling_eyes:


Okay, maybe this was a bad idea. :frowning:

I thought it would be fun to see what everyone can come up with using only 20 characters!!

Oh, well, you never know until you try!

** MODS: Please close out this thread. **

Thank you/


And why do you think that? (20 characters :grin:)


Taver likes the ad thing
Blaise favorite phrase?
Frank_d creates videos
Emmaki spices things up


A has add to a good thread


Hmmm…20 characters…

Hello dear buy my gig
Hit report button


Here be no topic here be I


Oh, Zeus but that is 17 & 15 characters!

You are in Fiverr jail with DJ! :grin:


U can call me Carol.


Rule 02 gets no much love


I know, right? Well, it sounded fun in my head. Now that I see it - it’s confusing and not as fun as I had thought it would be.

Oh, well. It’ll die out in an hour or two and be replaced with new buyers and sellers asking about all the glitches on Fiverr. I accepted an order and it’s showing up on my seller’s window as “Outstanding” - he messaged me so I need to find out what that’s all about.

I was off work today so goofing off on the internet.


It was a good idea, Gina, I love the threads one can go to just to goof without having to wonder if one is on topic or not. Remember the limerick thread. It died down too, but it was fun while it lasted! :slight_smile: