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The 20% service fees charged by Fiverr


Guys, what do you think about the 20% that Fiverr charges for every purchase that our clients make? My thinking is that perhaps they should introduce a scale such that when freelancers reach a certain threshold in terms of revenue, perhaps Fiverr should reduce the percentage to say 7 to 12%. Surely after making sales of more than $3000, it is only fair to get a lower service fee with future gigs.



Personally, I don’t really mind 20% fees! They are giving me work, keeping me busy. If I had my own site, even after spending thousands of dollars on marketing and promotion, I could have never earned as much as I earn on fiverr. They really deserve 20% of what I make.


Agreed. They are taking 1 from 5 but I am getting 4. I don’t mind. They have to run the business too. And it takes lots of money.


As nice as it would be to make more money on each order, the system Fiverr has in place works. It’s their fair share for having a platform, and for being the middleman. Instead of being worried about making more on my previous orders, I worry about getting more orders.


I feel the same way. On Fiverr, buyers come to me. This spares me the work of hustling and marketing myself, so it pays for itself!