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The $251 a day challenge

Not for you lot! Just for me really :o Figured posting here will keep me on track.

An unexpected visit back to England at the end of the month has meant that I have to earn $251 a day for the next 6 days. Normally my business away from Fiverr would be in a position to cover this. Sadly though, I have a random inspection of my accounts by the tax man coming up. They apparently loathe people taking money out of a business for ‘personal expenses’ (although they seem fine with me paying myself from my business PayPal and then paying the business back) but alas, that does not matter.

I now have a mountain to climb. I have enough orders in the queue to do this. However, those orders are meant to be delivered over the course of 20 days and not 6. Unless I work with orders that have gig extras this is going to involve a whole lot of no sleep. It has to be done though.

Stick with me for my challenge. Will I do it? Who the hell knows? What happens if I do it? Well, rewarding myself with a nice cold beer and a day of gaming since I would have cleared out my entire queue for 3 weeks…

The challenge begins in 30 minutes.

If I don’t provide an update once a day it means I have died of exhaustion.

@ryangillam Best of luck, I’m sure you’ll manage this.Keep us updated (don’t die, in other words) :wink:


I just went though a week of binge work I still see the computer screen when I close my eyes

Ryan, if you suffered from chronic insomnia like me, you’d have no problem staying up. :stuck_out_tongue:

cheezees said:
  • Ryan, if you suffered from chronic insomnia like me, you'd have no problem staying up. :P

I can get by on a couple of hours sleep a day thankfully. Whether I will be able to write constantly for most of that time is another thing all together. All going well I should actually make $515 today. If not more due to the amount of deliveries I have half-completed over time. That should cover 2 days. That would bring the amount I need to make down to $199 a day. That is quite manageable considering I have a LOT of gig extras that need to be covered (which will allow me to average about $20 an hour for 2 days). That will allow me some sleep.

Alas, I decided to sleep for eight hours last night in order to 'prepare' myself. I am up now though and ready to crack on. 16 Hours to make a difference.


Bumped up to $300 a day now due to a charge back of $300. $160 off my total for today in about 4 hours, which is not bad.

madmoo said: LOL Ryan, you're a sucker for punishment! Good luck!


GO ryangillam GO!

Let’s c u do it!!!

cudot to you (kudos to you ;))

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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$275 knocked out of the park today! Will have another $80 done in the next few hours (although that stretches to tomorrow)