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The 4.8 Standard Is Unrealistic


A buyer gives me

Communication With Seller: 5 stars

Service as Described: 4 stars

Buy Again or Recommend: 5 stars

My rating for that order becomes is 4.7.

Fiverr is demanding we maintain a 4.8 rating over the course of 60 days. How can we do that when one little 4 stars throws the rating under it?

What are we to do? Tell me buyer “If you’re unable to give me 5 stars, let me know about it so I can remedy the situation” and then proceed to refund the order?


It is too easy to fall below that I agree in the course of only 60 days. I think the time period for that metric should be much longer than that. And is it going to automatically go back up when the rating goes up and you regain your level?
Fiverr needs to have a human evaluate some of these situations like yours.


The standard punishes those selling subjective services, like you.

There will always be people who don’t like your work. That’s the nature of idea-generation. Your rating will suffer somewhat because of that.

Whereas those selling something routine like data entry or proofreading are guaranteed far more 5* reviews as long as they don’t f**k up.


This is not true

Just ask any seller in that category

Which makes the 4.8 expectation even worse


I used to do a fair bit of proofreading. I never really had any problems. But when I got into creative pursuits, like copywriting, I found I had more problems as my visions didn’t always align with those of the customer. Four-star reviews became more common.

My experience has been it’s easier to please people when doing algorithmic work compared to highly subjective creative work.

But I do agree with you in general. The 4.8* expectation is hard for everybody. A couple of dodgy customers and you’re in the danger zone.


It’s even harder for sellers that have a lower amount of orders. In my opinion, the entire leveling system is unrealistic. I miss the old days. :frowning:


Yeah, that’s so weird! I believe it should be total rating and not last 2 month’s rating. Even if your gig is 3 years old, it doesn’t mean your service has changed suddenly and your level eligibility should be questioned.

Or lower it considerably, so only sellers that get nothing but bad reviews are not eligible to level up, not sellers that have lots of good reviews and give their best to all buyers.

I believe 97% of amazon and steam products also have a rating lower than 4.7, and that’s total rating, which does not spike to even lower than that from time to time.

Such perfection and luck needed. :scream: :four_leaf_clover:

Also! If you get less than 5 stars for “Service as Described”, and send proof to support that the buyer received exactly was was described, they won’t do anything about it.

Same goes for “Communication With Seller” as well! So these 2 should be enforced better with the upcoming requirements.


Imagine how people will feel to see their ratings drop below the accepted level. In some cases it may be deserved to lose a level but in others it may not be so clear that they should.

For instance, in our analytics page, we have a list of reasons why our orders were cancelled. Mine say “ordered by mistake” and “will order later”, so these still show up in my total number of cancellations.

How will this be handled?

Will anyone on the staff look at the reasons and see that I don’t deserve to lose a level if these are bringing it to the point that I fall below the threshold? I’m talking hypothetically.


Yes I agree! In addition, when things don’t go as the buyer planned - in this case I am referring to unreasonable (usually $5 buyers) - they are quick to be dishonest about, Communication, and Service as described- even if you had stellar communication until delivery, and did exactly as the gig describes - and rate all three components 1, leaving you with a 1 star rating - Negative Review. These reviews are NOT easy to get removed either, even if it’s blatant that the buyer was not being honest.

There should be some concessions and considerations - each situation is unique!


What I don’t understand is this whole mentality that anything less than 5/5 is crap. Apparently Fiverr used to use a Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down rating system. Why change it if using a 5 star scale still amounts to the same thing?

Then again, I also feel like this is an issue with society at large. Movies and video games seem to be rated on a 7-10 scale, with 7 meaning absolute trash. Where did that even come from?

I have the, I guess, old-school mentality that nothing is perfect and therefore I’d probably never rate something 10/10. I suppose it’s a good thing I don’t review anything.


It sounds like you’ve never been completely satisfied with anything.


I really feel disappointed with that approach in Fiverr. Unfortunately If you get a bad feedback from buyer, your rating go down quickly after then you get good feedback but your rating rising very little bit!!! Why??


If you earn enough positive reviews, you can recover from a negative one. Fiverr knows this, which it why they have given all sellers 60 days notice to prepare for the January 15th level assessments, and they give a month between each successive assessment.

You can also drastically lower negative reviews by delivering top-quality work. So, on all accounts, negative reviews are not as horrible as you claim – you just need to earn enough positive reviews to overcome the not-so-great ones.


Exactly, unless you’re pretending to know proofreading and another proofreader hires you and finds out you’re a fraud, that’s an easy gig for 5 star reviews. Just treat your client well, deliver on time, and be helpful, and you’ll do great.

Subjective or creative gigs are a double edge sword. They can be lucrative and damaging at the same time. Fiverr should account for that instead of judging us all by the same unrealistic standard.


Thanks for great information


Not necessarily, my overall stats (for all gigs) is 4.8 in two categories and 4.6 in buy again or recommend. That creates an overall stat of 4.7.

The system is crooked. Maybe Fiverr should adjust it to a more realistic number, like 4.5, or get rid of the system altogether. I can tell you that my sales are way down, people see 4.6 and are choosing not to buy. Before, I didn’t have those issues.


Are you certain of this? Have potential buyers contacted you and informed you that they chose not to purchase your services specifically due to your 4.6 rating? :wink:


4.5 or 4.0 does seem like a better 30 day average requirement for levels in my opinion. 4.0 is almost perfect on a 1-5 scale, and even 3.0 is average.


Nobody has contacted me, but I document my sales everyday, and my monthly average.

My best month was August 2017, I made $66.7 a day. Fiverr changed things in September I believe, now I’m down to $36 a day.

How are you doing?


Except, a 4.0 average seems to defeat the entire purpose of Fiverr’s level requirements. Those level requirements exist to promote excellence. Fiverr is trying to weed out the sellers that don’t achieve high results. A 4.8 average seems reasonable to me for this requirement. A 4.0 average really doesn’t establish a motivation for excellence.