The 5 productive morning routines of highly effective people


This article in today’s Trello spam was interesting (and depressing because I don’t do most of it, and it is true my mornings are not made best use of).

From now on I aspire to be less cynical about productivity gurus and assume they might actually know something I don’t.

How's your health?

Things you have the luxury to do as a CEO.

However, I have #4 down. The bicycle ride to kindergarten.


I have to disagree with this. If anything, CEOs would have less time. The reason they are CEOs is probably partly because they’re more focussed, and better at recognising, prioritising and carving out time for things that help them be productive. There’s nothing there that requires money, for example, just time and motivation.
Just a thought.


Time is always an issue as when running a one man business, your not just the CEO, your also the cleaner, the janitor, customer support, logistics etc.


Nice to see a productivity guru finally say that you should “Wake up at YOUR right time”. I work best at night and generally finish at around 3am. I have tried it other ways, tried to get with the 9-5 but it doesn’t work for me.
I am sure in another 10 years they will also realize that “routines” do not work for everyone. Again, I have found variety in my days is what works for me, specifically outside of work activities. 2am and feel like a relaxing shower? Go for it!


I was being a bit facetious. But still, there’s no such thing as waking up at MY time and by the time I could establish my morning routine (something that doesn’t involve arguing with a 5 year old about the necessity of wearing reasonably clean socks even if the fresh ones are boring), I have (hopefully?) more pressing things to do than to read something inspirational (often in sauna) :wink:

However, point #2 is a good one. Whenever I manage to heed that advice, I feel pretty good about it. But only that next morning. Right now (11pm), I’d rather enjoy what little evening I have left.


That’ll be why my house cleaning always gets prioritised last :slight_smile:


The routine that used to help me a lot when I was working in an office was spending half an hour over coffee reviewing my todo list. It really helped set focus for the day. I stopped doing that ironically, as I have more on my plate now than I used to have then, but would like to get that habit back.



Please, I know this might sound controversial but from experience of knowing a few of these people personally, they are (for the main part) deluded idiots. After my break up last year, I had this friend try to dictate my life with all this self help garbage like “do five things every day: Something to improve your fitness, something to improve your diet, something to improve your home decor” etc etc…

It was all tripe! I know this as this friend lives back in the UK like an absolute pig with no life prospects and never ever practices what they preach. Then there are the loonies up the hill who work at this alternative health commune/center near me. They’re so loopy it’s terrifying. They sit for hours talking about unblocking chakras by dealing with the PTSD caused by not getting the pony they wanted for their 5th birthday.Worse, people pay these people hundreds to spend a week with them drinking watered down celery juice.

The kicker? As soon as they found out that I did a 50-day fast last year and can actually practice a lot of what they preach (if I feel so inclined) they go to every length possible to steer away from me in case I infect one of their money to burn new prey victims with something like actual enlightenment.

The key to being productive? Figure out what you want and strive to achieve it. How you do this will always be different. I wanted to be a freelance writer and became one even though everyone and their cat tutted continually about be initially making £20 a week. The difference between me and them? I’m the only one who has realized something like their life ambitions. Also, I can’t lick my own nether regions but hell if I want to I’ll work on that!

My routine? Very night-owl-ish at the moment but my day still starts at 9-10am with a dog walk, coffee with random Lybian people, a tidy around the flat and a fist full of cigarettes.

It’s not classy but it works for me :slight_smile:


Luckily i just have 129 ft² to clean