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The 6 Star Review


I think the best six-star review one can get is a tip or repeat buyer. I just figured the headline would get some attention and a conversation going.


Most of my buyers are repeat buyers. I feel comfortable working with them and don’t feel under any sort of stress.


Repeat buyers are easier to deal with. I just started working and I alrEady have loyal repeat buyers. Thats is my 6th star.


Most of my orders are from repeat buyers and I looove working with them.
I always try to give them a little extra in gratitude.


Love repeat buyers. It s easy to work with them it s like having someone living next door popping out every once in a while to buy something from you. Since you already know their taste it s very easy to deliver what they would want from you.


hello @shiv_graphix
nice idea…


Umm Why everyone is talking about repeat buyers while the thread is about reviews? Am I missing something? :confused:

P.S Repeat buyers are awesome.


That is why the repeat buyer thing :slight_smile:


I always wondered if the sellers actually care about tips. Does it signify, “I did great job!” or is it just extra money?

I recall asking that awhile back, some replied and said yes, while a few said they don’t believe in tips and others say they felt guilty when they get tips.


I love tips. It means I exceeded expectations. Not everyone can tip, and I never expect repeat buyers to do so everytime. If I had to choose, I’d take the repeat buyer.


My repeat buyers are so nice and so grateful. They are always pure joy. They are the majority of my sales.


Who won’t love tips. I mean I like it and its a way to appreciate the sellers. A tip and a repeat buyer… I want both :grinning:


Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder…


What does that mean?


It means everyone decides what they like based on their own definition.


It means if you are seeing them as nice and grateful, that means you are as beautiful and nice as they look to you…

Take another one " The world is a mirror of yourself " Although it does not apply to everyone but perfectly fits here for you…


6 stars is the best wayy!! tnkxs