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The 7 Essential Funnel Types

1.) The Optin Lead Capture Funnel
2.) The Sales Funnel
3.) The Webinar Funnel
4.) The AutoWebinar Funnel
5.) The Membership Funnel
6.) The Launch Funnel
7.) The Custom Funnel

This post might be more useful if you explained what these funnels are. :wink:

Wasn’t that educational, children?

Don’t worry, here’s something actually useful vis-a-vis copywriting. Don’t thank me, thank the wonderful author:

That is a useful resource, but don’t plagiarize it. Use it to guide your own writing.

As for you, @image2retouch, go hang your head in shame at this waste of cyberspace.

I don’t think these even are funnels… they’re just describing different methods of getting people attracted to your product. A funnel is typically spread out over a few pages/videos/whatever with a gazillion CTAs.

And trust me, I’ve seen pantloads of crap JVs in my time, the launch funnel? You’re having a laugh when the chief benefit of your product is “I might buy your JV later on, look–I’ve done it with other people!”

Personally, I like the frosting funnel. It makes cake decorating so much easier. Oh, and that funnel you can use to put new oil in your car, that’s extremely helpful as well.

I admittedly glossed over all the different funnel types, but incredibly, frosting funnels don’t exist.

Click on this link for top cake-making funnel tips!

I wouldn’t mind a cake now, actually…

There is the dope cake. Funny story–at 7am yesterday someone left the ugliest cake I’ve ever seen in my life at my doorstep with a note thanking me and my partner for being friends. The cake is made of health foods including dope.

Anyway, we haven’t eaten it yet, we just keep talking about the dope cake. It really is ugly. I’ll take a pic tomorrow and you can see for yourself. It looks like a disappointed festive candle.

Hmm. Indeed it does not. Perhaps not by the title of “frosting funnel” then. Certainly frosting is funneled through something, though, so as to direct the frosting where it needs to go on a meticulously decorated cake? :wink:

Of course, whatever said frosting “device” is called, I suppose, at the very least, I have just outed myself as not being much of a pastry chef. :stuck_out_tongue:

The link to Google says it all…