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The Absent Button


On occasions I’d sent in offers on ‘Recent Buyer Requests’ page, I’d had the need to modify my offer. And then I’m stuck because such “edit offer” button is absent on the page. Is it just me that believes it’s time this provision is made for every sent offer on ‘Recent Buyer Requests’ page?


I don’t think this would work as the buyer needs to know they’re seeing the final offer from the moment you submit it. If you get it wrong & need to edit often, a good idea is to walk away & do something else for 30 minutes, then go back, review your offer, edit if necessary, then submit.


Thank you. It is not always that you need to edit an offer. Note also that sometimes it takes hours or days for a Buyer to award. My idea is that the provision could be made - such that as soon a Seller gets awarded, the edit button for that offer ‘greys out’ and you can no longer edit it. But then, the need to edit an offer - particularly within minutes of placing and before it gets awarded - does arise often. No doubt about that.


I’m sorry but I still disagree.

If the need arises often, and if you’re making changes within minutes of making an offer, I suggest you change your practices around making offers to ensure they’re right first time.