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The account approved has been disabled


The account approved has been disabled
No mistake happened


Did you ask customer support why?


Support was requested only because the gig was shown in the account
After that all things have been corrected
That message is above


Did you then ask why your account was disabled?


A gig approved
Now says that it was removed
This is a cumbersome problem
Gig from the beginning
The order has been made


Like Miss Crystal has asked, did you ask support why?


After a few days, my gigs had disappeared from the pages
So he asked for support
After that everything was corrected
Corred the removed gig and the account is disabled


Did you ask why it was disabled? I think what we have is a failure to communicate.


I asked
Gig from the beginning


What are you saying? :grinning:

After disabling your account did you contacted CS ?? They surely give you a reason why your account has disabled.


that means actually sharing your gig of the social networks is importat


Great idea, Thanks :grinning:


reason is the gallery’s picture
It has been approved
(That message above)


If I do not do justice
With them
It is advertised on social media networks


It’s like
You’re singing
Your messages :notes:


And nobody understands
What she’s saying
Or why her account
Was disabled


With the lack of ability to communicate I’m not surprised. I don’t know how anyone could get through.


Reviewed by the review board
Author’s board approved
How to remove gig now


See the message above support
The approved account has been deactivated


Why was it deactivated?

The message says nothing about the deactivated account.