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The account approved has been disabled


Approved account
Today is deactivated


Hmm, there’s definitely more to this story. :thinking:

I notice you’re using a photo of an Indian Actress. I think her first name starts with Aish----- something. Might be an issue, along with the other issues you’re not divulging? So, CS deactivated your account, what is your game plan now?



Why is it deactivated?


That’s the problem
You see above
That has been approved


I’ve tried to work out what all this is about, and have no idea. Off to untangle some Christmas tree lights, which might be easier.

@best696163 - your account has been closed - why? That’s all you need to tell us.


A gig was approved.

The entire account was disabled.


If you don’t know, nobody on the forum can help you.

If you do know, nobody on the forum can help you.

You have to ask Customer Support for help.


LOL, I’m getting ready to do 100 crunches, and by the time I’m done. Still no clear answers from OP! :sweat_smile:


Wow, this conversation is like a blind man reading a ferry tale to a deaf man.

For whatever got disabled, you should be grateful for it, because if you would sell something your cancellation rate would sky rocket seen the communication skills you are showing here.


It’s not a problem
Approved gig
gig question


Makes no sense. Followed all the rules.

  1. make gig with actress profile pic.
  2. Mek sell


gig is wrong
It should be given to correct it
Account blocking ???


Ask Customer Support to explain it.








Sorry, I didn’t hear you, can you say that again?







If I’m not wrong you have some issue with your gig & to solve this you contacted support. & after that your account was disabled?
Sounds like after you contact , Support team reviewed your gig/account and found something that violets Fiverr TOS & disabled your account.
What service you provided? Sounds like anyone flagged you/your gig as you were using a celebrity image as your profile image. Please revise Fiverr TOS.