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The account is inactive for about 03 months


There are 07 gig accounts.
There were 1 graphic problems that were taken to the gig account.
The account has been disabled by default without deleting it.
Up to now request has been made.
But the opportunity has not been given up to now.
If you give it a chance again, correct it and proceed for work.
I am not doing any wrong.
say that when a mistake occurs, it should be allowed to be informed and corrected.
You should not disable the account at the same time.
Even the mistakes can not be found.
Deactivated at once.


I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying, but it looks like your account was disabled.

If that is the case, only Customer Support can help you. This is forum, we’re just sellers and buyers, and we can’t help you with your account.


I know there’s nothing in the forums
The forum was not in a position to do something,
Problems for consumer support
To reduce
A forum that can not be solved is a problem
If you are a top sellers but an error, the account will be disabled without
any notice
I say this method is wrong


This is written almost like a haiku or Iambic Pentameter… Its beautiful!.. Prose in the forums!


There are rules of fiverr
Goods and thieves, like the judge
Time should be given for everything
But the fiverr instant account is disabled
If someone is lawfully violated, it should be notified
To correct

#6 Customer Support Does Not Support Any Turn Off The account
activated is not supported
This is the most fundamental injustice