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The account warning system is terrible

Yesterday, I received three account warnings. All of them were for the same issue. I legitimately forgot to send a free article I promised somebody (it had been completed, I had just forgotten to send it). I then got three account warnings. Now, if the client didn’t tell me he was reporting me to customer support, I would have had zero idea what the account warnings were about. Why? Because the account warning system is terrible.

It shows a banner which says “unprofessional behaviour” but does not tell you what the behaviour is. You get in touch with customer support and they say they won’t tell you what the issue is related to for privacy reasons. All you need to do is click “I won’t do it again”, not knowing what it is you did wrong.

Now, I am not complaining that my three warnings were harsh (they were. It didn’t even deserve one because I fixed the mistake within ten to fifteen minutes of knowing about it), I am just complaining that it would really be handy if we were told what our warning was about.

(Note: I don’t actually know why I received 3 warnings. All I have been told is that I have been reported to the trust and safety team. The warnings kept coming. Apparently one of the warnings was in lieu of negative feedback, one was for making a promise I didn’t keep (even though I clearly forgot and sorted it within minutes of it happening) and nobody has explained what the third one is as now my tickets go unanswered)

Yes it would be helpful to know what you did wrong.