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The advantage when you buy from a new seller

  1. You don’t wait for a long time because no order in queue.
  2. You will have the best service, because they will do best.

    I am one of a new seller, please give me a chance. I’ll do my best.



well same here I am level 2 seller with 100% feedback :slight_smile: I still send everything without delaying



Hello and welcome.

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Thank You everyone. :)>-


I believe it’s true. Most new sellers will also offer more for less because they want the customer to give them positive feedback (it matters a lot with 0 votes) and hopefully return… so yeah, you’re right :slight_smile:

Welcome here <3


It’s true and two all level 2 seller’s you were new once and don’t tell me that you don’t think your first order was not the one most important to you…